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Creative first birthday ideas?

In July, we'll be throwing a first birthday party for DS at our house. There will probably be around 30 guests. We don't have a pool or anything like that.

Does anyone have any ideas they can share for a creative party theme? Or food? I'm thinking of doing catering, but usually we do catered Italian food for things like this and I'd like to do something different.

I'm not looking to spend a ton of money or drive myself totally crazy, but I would like to do something special/creative, and to make sure everyone has a good time. Suggestions?

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Re: Creative first birthday ideas?

  • Have you been on pinterest?  If not, go there.


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  • image singingirl96:
    Have you been on pinterest?nbsp; If not, go there.nbsp;

    I second Pinterest. I also have no idea what we are doing though!
  • image singingirl96:

    Have you been on pinterest?  If not, go there.



    pick a theme and run with it.  like if you do a sport theme - you can do a whole bunch of things or a princess theme or rainbow theme.  Search Birthday parties on Pinterest.

    what we do for our kids' birthday parties is do buffet style foods.  so like appetizers.  we do meat and cheese trays.  Punch (we don't serve alcohol)  coffee, tea to drink. Have a cake themed the birthday.  why do you need a pool?  if you are having a lot of kids, aim to have activities for the aged groups-- again searching PINTEREST can help with that type of stuff and has cool things you can print.  I have been to some neat parties in the past like a super heros party.

    good luck

  • Got a bunch of ideas from Pinterest.

    We'll be doing butterfly theme (party about 30 people, no other little kids, mostly family). I'm going to make fruit skewers with the watermelon cut out in butterfly shape. Finger snacks of pretzels with m&m's in the wholes & body of choc so they look like butterflies. I also stuffed snack size ziplocks with candies & squeezed middle with clothes pin decorated like butterfly body. The cake will also have butterfly on it.

    We'll be doing pizza and what's nice is the themed food isn't any extra really since I'd by fruit & pretzels anyway to go with the pizza.  

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  • We did a bird themed birthday for dd, it was so cute! Everything was pink & turquoise colors.  We had like a Memorial weekend cookout, buffet style food.  Ham bisquits, hotdogs, pasta salad, veggie tray, fruit kabobs, etc. I had alot of little ones, so we painted bird houses.  The kids had a blast just running around in the country and painting. Pinterest has alot of ideas.
  • I'm not super creative so I can't be much help there but Pinterest does have some cute ideas.  Regarding the food, we are doing BBQ.  I'm making pulled pork and we will have potato salad, fresh fruit and some other finger foods.  But if you don't want to cook I'm sure there is a BBQ place near you that caters.  It's usually a pretty easy, universally liked food!
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  • I suggest Pinterest and
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  • Pintrest is amazing. Thats where I got my ideas. I'll be doing an UP theme and all I basically need to buy for decorations are balloons Smile
  • Saturday is the big day. we're having a rainbow party at the park. We reserved a shelter. I'll admit it, I have gone way overboard. I have mason jars, filed with rainbow candy, with rainbow pinwheels I've made, and giant lollipops sticking out. I'm doing rainbow fruit and vegi trays. I have bubbles for the kids, sidewalk chalk. then finger foods, like little weinies in a pastry and quiches.

    I need an intervention.
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  • One of DS's fav books is "Why do dragons love tacos?" the book they talk about how much dragons love tacos and they throw a taco party, so we are throwing a taco party themed after the book.
  • We're doing a bug theme.  I just ordered him a beetle cake.  My mom found blow up dragon flies and such that we're going to hang in the trees out back.  Then at Krogers they have some ants for picnic tables we're going to scatter around.

    I also just ordered his invitations.  They were expensive for what they are, but my mom is excited to throw his first party so she fronted the bill.

    Anyhow, these are we got:



  • I'm also a big fan of pintrest!! We are doing a strawberry themed party for my dd's birthday next month. we are doing her party in the morning since she usually is at her best then. I am making a few egg casseroles, several different kinds of muffins and coffee cakes, fruit kabobs, yogurt bar and cupcakes. I have pinned several different strawberry recipes and can't wait to try them. is a great resource for cheap party supplies and decorations. I am probably going overboard like the previous poster but they only turn one once :)
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