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not on the charts, to on the charts...

So little background. My daughter was born at 37 weeks and was 7.1 ( no teeny baby) she wasn't even on the charts for her weight until she was about 1 year old.  now she is 18-19 months and she is above the 50%.  Well my question is... we let her eat anything, and as much as she wanted when she was smaller. I nursed her constantly and always encouraged snacks between her 3 well planned meals.  I feel like I created a bad habit because now she wants to have access to food pretty much all the time.  I don't want to say no when she wants the healthier snacks, but I also don't want to be one of those moms with a morbidly obese toddler because I can't say no.  Any thoughts on this?  and also, she barely has any milk due to reasons I don't feel like explaining.  She drinks maybe 5 oz of milk every day but other than that she is purely a water baby who has no idea what any other beverage is. 
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Re: not on the charts, to on the charts...

  • I'd ask your pedi but toddlers are pretty good at following their own hunger cues so I'd just let her eat; just be sure the food she has easy access to is healthy.
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  • I don't see a problem. It sounds like she's healthy. She's around the 50th percentile which means she is perfectly average. If she was off the charts big I would day come up with a plan with your pedi.

    As long as you're giving healthy foods I say let her eat as much as she wants.
    Morbidly obese toddlers aren't given healthy foods or they have an underlying medical condition. There's no way your baby can eat enough meat, fruit, veggies, and whole grans to become morbidly obese. I would let her follow her own cues.
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  • My son was born at 8.8 before dropping to between 5-10 percentile, now at 2 years old he is between the 50-60 percentile.  We always follow his hunger cues and allow him to eat when he asks for a snack.  We have no worries of him turning into ann obese toddler as he is average being in the 50th percentile.

     My son usually has two breakfasts (one at home and one at sitter, a small snack in am, lunch, an afternoon snack, a treat, dinner and fruit and then a big sippy of milk before bed).  He'll usually go for the healthier treats and we never discourage his request for a fruit or veggie

  • I think letting her eat as much as she wants at mealtimes and snacks is fine. I would try to stop the all day munching, just because it is bad for her teeth and it isn't the best habit to snack all day long.
  • This is my kid. She eats all day long. She likes to snack. H and I are grazers too. As long as it's overall healthy stuff whatever the hell. She's a growing girl burning off lots of energy.

    I don't fight food battles and follow her cues. If she's hungry I feed her.

    Mine never liked much milk for a long time either. Now at almost 2 she asks for a lot more. She drinks more water than any kid I've ever met as well.

    She's just all around average on the chart. Always has been.

    Kids aren't getting obese off of milk, strawberries and peas so I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I'd ask your pedi but toddlers are pretty good at following their own hunger cues so I'd just let her eat; just be sure the food she has easy access to is healthy.


    If she's eating chips or puffs all day long, that might be an issue - but offer fresh fruits and veggies and some proteins, she'll be fine.

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