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Second Shift working mamas?

Hi guys, does anyone else here work second shift?  I am a nurse and work from 3pm to 1130 pm.  My DD for now is just starting to handle me being gone some evenings but she does not eat nearly as much when I am gone as when I am home.  Question is, do you wake baby up when you get home to do a dream feed?  I have been sneaking in and doing a diaper change and top her off (I BF) at midnight when I get home but I feel guilty waking her.  Wondering if anyone else is in my situation.
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Re: Second Shift working mamas?

  • I work a similar shift but I'm a FTM and I was wondering the same thing. My coworker said she went home, pumped, cleaned parts, and usually got an hour or two of sleep before her son woke up. Every once in awhile he would wake up when she got home and then she would just feed him instead of pumping. 
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