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It's a nap time miracle!

We transitioned DS out of the swaddle and into the crib with the Merlin suit, which he still uses for bedtime. We had been leaving him in the swing for naps, because I wanted to fight one battle at a time, and he is such a crappy napper anyway, it wasn't worth what I assumed would be a dramatic scene for only 30 minutes of sleep. Well, DS is sort of fussy today. He isn't happy with anything. It was getting close to nap time, so I just laid him in his crib and turned his projector on and walked away because he was fussing and carrying on either way, and just seemed annoyed with my attempts to soothe him. He cried for about a minute, then settled and watched his projector for ten minutes or so...then fussed for another minute....then fell asleep!!! I couldn't believe it. I just figured it would be some huge ordeal to transition him into the crib for nap. I'm interested to see if this one lasts longer than his swing naps. Who knows what will happen for the next nap, but I am pretty proud of DS!

Re: It's a nap time miracle!

  • jcar2jcar2
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    Hooray!  We have yet to get DS to nap in his crib.  He'll play in it for a little bit and then get fussy or crying.  
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  • Yay!! Isn't it funny how they never fail to surprise us? Mine just woke up from a 2 hour swing nap. She just doesn't nap anywhere else as well as she does in the swing! I always plan to let her fall asleep in the swing and then carry her to the crib. Mmmm...I think I've actually done it twice? Instead I just tiptoe around while I'm trying to get stuff done. God forbid I drop something! 

    FX for a nice long crib nap for your LO! :-)

  • tdmd09tdmd09
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    Way to go!

    We've been working on crib naps for the last month or so with varying degrees of success. He naps better/longer in his swing, so usually I let him take one nap there so he doesn't become an over tired disaster with only 30 minute crib naps all day. We are just now getting to the point where he'll nap longer than 30 minutes in his crib on occasion. It's definitely a process :)

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  • So far, the naps have all still been around 30-40 minutes. I have come to accept that I may just have a cat napper. But if this went so well, there is hope for us yet!
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