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~*~3T Weekly Check-In~*~

Congrats to all the BFPs and ((hugs)) to those that need them!

Reply to this post if you would like your information updated. And let me know if I missed any BFPs. Please post an update at least monthly so I know you are still active. You will be removed if you go more than 4 weeks without posting.

If you would like to be added or updated, please answer the questions below:

  1. What is your name (if you want to share)?
  2. When did you start TTC (month/year)?
  3. What is your diagnosis, if you have one?
  4. What treatments are you doing?

For everyone who is up to date on the above, where are you in your current cycle and how's it going?

QOTW: It's raining. Would that change your plans for today or affect your mood? How?

February 2013 BFPs
March 2013 BFPs
April 2013 BFPs
May 2013 BFPs
**chickinNH / Collen - TTC since 6/2012
treatment: 50 mg Clomid + TI
treatment: Clomid + trigger + IUI
**Durham1008 - TTC since 2/2010
treatment: On break
**KLN1179 - TTC since 5/2010
treatment: going to a RE soon
**madasm0530 / Madas - TTC since 1/2012
treatment: Consult with OB
**pennygwen - TTC since 5/2006
treatment: endometrial bipsy, meeting w/ RE
**PurplePanda2 - TTC since 7/2011
treatment: benched this cycle
**RachC624 / Rachel - TTC since 6/2012
treatment: Femara + trigger + IUI#1
**ricecakes1216 / Ali - TTC since 4/2011
treatment: one month BCPs, metformin
**sinnedambition / Amanda - TTC since 4/2012
treatment: Clomid + IUI#1
**Starbinks - TTC since 7/2011
treatment: Femara + trigger + IUI
**BabyDustWish - TTC since 2/2011
treatment: IUI#5
**BlueJoan / Erin - TTC since 10/2011
treatment: testing with new RE; H on 25mg Clomid
**Cindal - TTC since 3/2012
treatment: H working on diabetes, repeat SA
**CLynn82au - TTC since 8/2011
treatment: IUI#3
**Jessieann1020 / Jessie - TTC since 6/2008
treatment: waiting for add'l test results; H taking Fertilaid
**jjdale288 - TTC since 10/2011
treatment: HSG next cycle, DH uro appt
**monimu13 / Monica - TTC since 7/2011
treatment: IVF in Aug or Sept
**rrdiva1 / Diva - TTC since 8/2011
treatment: FET#1 - In 2WW
**sorrellam30 / Melissa - TTC since 11/2012
treatment: meeting with RE
**waknsno007 / Tara - TTC since 6/2011
treatment: DH on clomid
Combination / Other
**Akiesha - TTC since 10/2011
dx: MFI + Hypothyroidism
treatment: Clomid + trigger + IUI#2
**AngieV84 / Angie - TTC since 9/2011
dx: PCOS, hypothyroidism, blocked left tube
treatment: 2WW for IUI#1
**AustinAg03 - TTC since 11/2011
dx: Paratubal cysts on both tubes removed / unexplained
treatment: Clomid + IUI#2
**badrianne - TTC since 2/2012
dx: uterine polyp
treatment: on BCP until polyp removal
**bbg676 / Alicia - TTC since 8/2011
dx: PCOS/High T/Low Prog/Autoimmune/IgG def/Amenorrhea
treatment: Vitex
**BellaLux - TTC since 7/2011
dx: Fibroids & tubal infertility
treatment: Myomectomy - removed fibroids
**BPGP2233 / Jaclyn - TTC since 4/2012
dx: inflamed cells on uterine wall
treatment: meds to help cells, then biopsy
**chelc512 / Chelsie - TTC since 8/2011
dx: No/Weak ovulation
treatment: on break
**curlylocks3 / Curls - TTC since 11/2011
dx: Diminished ovarian reserve
treatment: Clomid + trigger + IUI#3
**dogparkdiva / Sarah - TTC since 6/2010
dx: Endo, blocked & partially blocked tubes
treatment: IVF
**ElK2013 / Emily - TTC since 11/2011
dx: Mild PCOS & Anovulatory
treatment: currently on break
**futurehuber - TTC since 9/2011
dx: PCOS & MFI
treatment: IVF - FET at end of May
**GeauxM&V / Monica - TTC since 2/2012
dx: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
treatment: Menopur + Ovidrel
**HopeIn2013 / Kelly - TTC since 1/2012
dx: Bicornuate Uterus
treatment: Clomid + IUI#1 in May
**IntuitiveBlue - TTC since 11/2011
dx: Non-Classical Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia
treatment: Trying on own until August
**jschwind22 / Jodi - TTC sincce 2/2011
dx: MFI and high NK cells
treatment: on Trental, FET in August
**katib77 - TTC since 7/2009
dx: MFI & LPD
treatment: IUI#5 with Injects
**kmcp / Kristine - TTC since 10/2011
dx: Diminished ovarian reserve
treatment: Follistim + trigger + IUI
**KTdid81 - TTC since 12/2011
dx: irregular cycle and MFI (low morph)
treatment: IUI#2
**lizzshi / Liz - TTC since 4/2012
dx: DOR
treatment: none yet
**Love4Labs326 - TTC since 5/1011
dx: DOR & MFI
treatment: IVF in June
**megs3084 / Megan - TTC since 1/2011
dx: early DOR
treatment: prep for IVF#3
**MrsM507 - TTC since 7/2011
dx: PCOS / Stage 2 Endo  / 1 Blocked tube
treatment: Femara + Trigger + IUI
**mrsrichey11 / Heather - TTC since 5/2011
dx: Endometriosis & PCOS
treatment: on break - will start Femara in August
**NariaDreaming - TTC since 10/2011
dx: Endometrial hyperplasia
**Neesey - TTC since 3/2011
dx: Adenomyisos/LPD/hypothyroidism/low bf to right ovary
treatment: Femara + Bravelle + IUI#8
**nicnique / Nic - TTC since 10/2011
dx: weak ovulation
treatment: nothing this cycle - cyst from Clomid
**Rebecki1414 / Becky - TTC since 1/2010
dx: Luteal phase defect, mild endo
treatment: IUI#4
**richzep - TTC since 9/2010
dx: MFI & slightly elevated FSH
treatment:  Mini-IVF
**RunCC37 / CiCi - TTC since 3/2012
dx: unexplained and arcuate uterus
treatment: 100 mg Clomid + Trigger + IUI #1
**Say1009 - TTC since 3/2012
dx: Anovulatory
treatment: In TWW on IUI#2
**sheetskr - TTC since 8/2008
dx: persistent ovarian endometrioma and very low ovarian reserve
treatment: IVF canceled due to poor response
**skinnykate9 / Kate - TTC since 8/2011
dx: PCOS, insulin resistance, left tube blockage, MFI
treatment: lap on 3/14
**Springfly13 / Mel - TTC since 5/2010
dx: PCOS, possible slight MFI
treatment: next cycle Follistim + trigger + IUI
**sueann911 - TTC since 9/2011
dx: Stage II endo & paratubal cyst
treatment: IUI#2
**talon1226 / Beth - TTC since 8/2011
dx: PCOS & Mild hypothyroidism & MFI
treatment: IVF+ICSI recommended - meeting with new RE
**TennisSarah30 / Sarah - TTC since 7/1010
dx: PCOS & Endometriosis
treatment: Estrogen & Clomid
**tigger99 - TTC since 5/2011
dx: MFI & annovulation
treatment: trying on own 
**ttuprincess / Kristina - TTC since 11/2011
dx: PCOS, endo, possible LPD
treatment: 25mg Clomid + 1500 mg Metformin + TI
**twistandturnsto2 / Sara - TTC since 2/2011
dx: Blocked tubes
treatment: IVF #2
**Wolfette139 - TTC since 11/2011
dx: unicornate uterus
treatment: endometrial biopsy first?
**AJC&Maggie - TTC since 3/2011
treatment: IVF #1
**babydreams13 - TTC since 10/2011
treatment: IUI#4 with Injects
**Banker&BSN / Banker - TTC since 3/2011
treatment: 2WW of IUI#1
**BlueEyedDreamer - TTC since 3/2011
treatment: IVF with long Lupron protocol + ICSI
**bttrcookie3 / Sara - TTC since 12/2011
treatment: Clomid
**clh444 / Cris - TTC since 7/2012
treatment: Clomid + IUI
**GermanGirl2007 - TTC since 2/2011
treatment: Femara + trigger + IUI#4
**herecomesthesun - TTC since 3/2011
treatment: Acupuncture - break from meds
**Hippos11 - TTC sincce 7/2013
treatment: Femara + Ovidrel + IUI#1
**icogburn / Lesha - TTC since 5/1012
treatment: Benched from cysts,TI
**Jzyla - TTC since 4/2010
treatment: IUI #1
**ksgsmu / Katie - TTC since 4/2012
treatment: IUI#3 + Gonal F injects
**letsgobowlingx - TTC since 1/2012
treatment: Clomid + Trigger + IUI + progesterone
**Mandilu1981 - TTC since 10/2011
treatment: Femera + IUI
**Mochadoodle / Robyn - TTC since 6/2011
treatment: Femara + TI
**oot_bride22 - TTC since 7/2012
dx: possible form of PCOS
treatment: Clomid + Estrovil
**Prdusmcwyf - TTC sinc 6/2009
treatment: on break while H is in training
**rox825 - TTC since 9/2011
treatment: Clomid + Trigger + IUI#1
**Rumbera28 / Valentina - TTC since 1/2011
treatment: Menopur + Bravelle + trigger + IUI#1
**runforcookies / Mallory - TTC since 11/2011
treatment: Clomid + Trigger + IUI#2
**shelbeans82 - TTC since 11/2011
treatment: Injects + Trigger + IUI
**somedaymommy / Mandy - TTC since 9/2008
treatment: Clomid + HCG + IUI
**SpartanGirl24 / Emily - TTC since 10/2011
treatment: Clomid + trigger + IUI#2
**sunshine8409 / Maggie - TTC since 4/2012
treatment: 5mg Femara + trigger + IUI
**Toriables / Yvonne - TTC since 8/2011
treatment: Clomid + IUI#2
**Twinkie0612 - TTC since 8/2011
treatment: Clomid + Trigger + IUI#4
**vanillajen / Jen - TTC since 9/2010
treatment: IUI#1
**vpine - TTC since 1/2011
treatment: IUI#3
**whoberry - TTC since 8/2010
treatment: waiting for FET after ectopic preg. In May
**xtina78 / Kristina - TTC since 9/2010
dx: possible luteal phase defect
treatment: another IUI
No diagnosis yet - testing
**Cbowl - TTC since 3/2012
testing - anovulatory cycles, dialated tubes, possible PCOS
treatment: Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI#1
**clguerra / Court - TTC since 3/2012
**JennyS86 - TTC since 2/2012
Possibly PCOS, still testing - on clomid
**Mrsbuttercup0806 / Tia - TTC since 5/2012
testing - possible PCOS, LPD
**overwhelmed29 / Nicole - TTC since 12/2011
Had b/w & HSG done


**************************************SIGGY WARNING*********************************************

DH 34, Me: 34, TTC #1 since Nov. 2011 | DX: adrenal hyperplasia, prescribed prednisone
HSG = all clear; All tests normal except high DHEA-s and borderline SA
28 months of TTC; seven medicated cycles; two IUI's, including....
January/February = Follistim + trigger + IUI 2.3 rollercoaster insanity = BFP!!
3/10/2014 - Beta #1 - 403! P4 >40
3/13/2014 - Beta #2 - 1288!  P4 >40
3/20/2014 - First U/S - TWINS!!!!!
5/19/2014 - MaterniT21 results - all negative and at least one baby BOY!
6/3/2014 - WE ARE TEAM PURPLE!!!!
10/26/2014 - Elsa and James born at over 6 pounds each!  We are so in love.

My Ovulation Chart | My Infrequently Updated Blog

"No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing,
the dream that you wish will come true." - Cinderella


Re: ~*~3T Weekly Check-In~*~

  • 12DPO and not a second line in sight. I'm fully expecting AF on Tuesday. *Sigh*

    DH did not respond well to my suggestion that we put him on Fertility Blend for Men (he accused me of spending too much time here and buying into "snakeoil"), so that was a fun fight yesterday. Today I'm going to talk him into going back to the RE cycle after next to start with the injects + IUI. And (whether the RE actually requires it or not) I'm going to tell him that the RE will require another SA before we cycle.

    Next cycle I'm not even going to temp. This 2WW has been awful, and I really just need a break from all the craziness. I'm going to bust it at the gym instead, and see how many of the 25 pounds I need to lose I can get rid of.

    QOTW: My dog hates thunder, and I was late getting up anyway, so that's my excuse for not going to church today. The rain always makes me sad and thoughtful, and with the hormones that are making my boobs so sore that I feel like they're going to fall off - well, let's just say I don't need the extra moodiness. I'll probably still make my Sunday Target run. Today feels as blah as it looks outside. To end on a positive note - at least I don't have to water the garden. 

    **************************************SIGGY WARNING*********************************************

    DH 34, Me: 34, TTC #1 since Nov. 2011 | DX: adrenal hyperplasia, prescribed prednisone
    HSG = all clear; All tests normal except high DHEA-s and borderline SA
    28 months of TTC; seven medicated cycles; two IUI's, including....
    January/February = Follistim + trigger + IUI 2.3 rollercoaster insanity = BFP!!
    3/10/2014 - Beta #1 - 403! P4 >40
    3/13/2014 - Beta #2 - 1288!  P4 >40
    3/20/2014 - First U/S - TWINS!!!!!
    5/19/2014 - MaterniT21 results - all negative and at least one baby BOY!
    6/3/2014 - WE ARE TEAM PURPLE!!!!
    10/26/2014 - Elsa and James born at over 6 pounds each!  We are so in love.

    My Ovulation Chart | My Infrequently Updated Blog

    "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing,
    the dream that you wish will come true." - Cinderella

  • If you would like to be added or updated, please answer the questions below:

    1. What is your name (if you want to share)? Yvonne
    2. When did you start TTC (month/year)? August 2011
    3. What is your diagnosis, if you have one? Mild endometriosis/otherwise unexplained
    4. What treatments are you doing? Just did 2ww

    For everyone who is up to date on the above, where are you in your current cycle and how's it going?

    QOTW: It's raining. Would that change your plans for today or affect your mood? How? It's sunny here! If it were raining I would probably not go for my walk, and I would have to cancel our BBQ for this afternoon. So FX for no rain!

    Me- 35 Dx endo; DH- 33 no probs.
    BFP#1 (totally a wonderful surprise)- 3/10/11. IUFD 6/25/11. 
    TTC since 8/2011.
    BFP#2- 11/1/11. EDD 7/6/12. Blighted ovum 12/1/11.

    New OBGYN 12/2012- CD3 labs, SA, HSG normal. 
    First RE appt 1/16/2013. Unexplained infertility. Lap planned. 

    12/2012- Clomid 50mg + TI= BFN 
    1/2013- Clomid 50mg + TI= BFN.

     Lap 2/11/2013- Removed endo. 

    3/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN
    4/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN
    5/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN

    June 2013- Time for a new RE!

    July 2013- We're in Shared Risk! Love my new RE!
    August 2013- IVF#1- 14 R, 11F, transferred 1 perfect blast, 5 day 5 frosties= BFN.
    Sept 2013- Let's get ready for FET October 7th ish!< transfer 2 embies 10/11/13.......BFP 10/18/13!!!!/div>

    PAIF/SAIF and everyone is welcome. If I can make even one person's journey less painful, I will consider my experience here successful. Thank you to all for sharing their stories, the intimate details of their lives, their knowledge, and their hearts. I hope this experience changes me, always for the better.
  • Currently on BCP after a small cyst was found on my CD3 monitoring US.  Hopefully will be able to start follistim after 2 weeks on the BCP and then will do IUI # 2. 

    QOTW: I wish rain would cancel the baby shower I am going to, but alas it will not.   It rained here last night heavily, but currently its dry and windy.  Sometimes I love the rain and an excuse to hang inside and watch a movie :)  If I have to go out and its raining then I am sad and usually frustrated as I don't like getting wet. 


                    image  image image
                      image image

    TTC #1 since November 2011
    Dx: Unexplained Infertility, probable endometriosis
    Feb-April 2013: Femara + TI: BFN
    May - September 2013:  Follistim + Ovidrel + IUI#1-4 = BFN
    IVF # 1 November 2013: transferred 1 perfect blast = BFN
    IVF # 2 April 2014: Endo scrape, transferred 2 blasts = BFP!! (first ever!), CP
    FET #1 June 2014: transferred 2 blasts = BFFN
    New Dx: Repeat Implantation Failure
     IVF # 3 November 2014 = BFP!!  Beta #1 9dp5t 272  Beta # 2 11dp5dt 626
    First US 12/3: 2 gestational sacs!
    *everyone welcome*
  • Not much to update.  I just finished Clomid yesterday and have my mid cycle u/s on Wednesday.  Hopefully everything will look good and I'll trigger Wednesday night for IUI #4 on Friday.

    QOTW: Right now our pans are to see Iron Man 3, so rain won't change our plans. 




    TTC #1 since August 2011

    My Blog

    September 2012: Start IF testing

    DH (32): SA is ok, slightly low morph, normal SCSA  Me (32): Slightly low progesterone, hostile CM, carrier for CF, Moderately high NKC, High TNFa, heterozyogous mutated Factor XIII, and +APA

    October 2012-May 2014: 4 failed IUIs, 3 failed IVFs, and 1 failed FETw/donor embryos

    November 2014: IVF w/ICSI #4 Agonist/Antagonist with EPP and Prednisone, Baby Aspirin, Lovenox, and IVIG for immune issues.  Converted to freeze all due to lining issues.  2 blasts frozen on day 6!

    January 2015: FET

    PAIF/SAIF Welcome!

  • Hi ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! Loving all those BFPs up there, big congrats to all! As for me, I'm excited for my FET coming up this Wed! We had a week delay due to my lining, so we got pushed into June. Really hoping to see my name up there under June BFPs in just a few weeks!! Eek!!

    QOTW: Well it's not raining here, its supposed to be sunny and 80. We are heading home today from a little last minute weekend getaway at the beach. If it was raining, we'd probably just jet home and I'd be bummed about that. But because it's not, we'll probably hang at the beach a bit more, walk and get some brunch, etc. Hope you're rain clears up soon!
    TTC #1 since Sept 2011
    Me: 33, DH: 35, DX: PCOS & MFI (low everything)
    IUI #1-3 - Low Post-Wash Counts - All BFNs
    IVF #1 w/ ICSI: Long Lupron Protocol - Freeze-All Cycle due to Severe OHSS
    ER 4/27, 33 Eggs Retrieved, 13 Frosties
    FET #1 6/5, Transferred One Perfect 4AA Blast, HPT BFP @ 6dp5dt
    Beta #1 - 209, Beta #2 - 508, Beta #3 - 1,059
    EDD 2/20/14
    Pregnancy Ticker
  • Had a a 2nd round of MTX on Wed, then Thursday had a lap due to abdominal pain from the ectopic.  Fortunately my tube spit the pregnancy out on its own. Internal bleeding was cleared out and a tiny spot of endo was cleaned up. RE said I should have been in a lot more pain. But I got to keep my tube so that was good.  Beta yesterday was down to about 1,000 after a high of 4,200 on Tues. Physically feeling a lot better today but mentally doing worse. I mean seriously, haven't we been through enough already? I'm tired of adding lines to my siggy.  When is this going to be over and what is the end result going to be???

    QOTW: Rain won't interfere with my plans.  I can't do much on my feet without getting tired and my belly is still a little sore so I have to stop and take lots of breaks between my housecleaning, etc.


    TTC Since 8/2010. Me: 33, irregular cycles, late O.  All testing normal. DH: 32. No 24 hour motility. Dx: Unexplained IF.
    8 cycles of TI = 8 BFNS
    TI before starting treatment= BFP 9/2/11, EDD 5/13/12. 6w U/S = Blighted Ovum. M/C with misoprostal on 10/15/11
    2 100 mg Clomid and 3 5mg Femara cycles = 5 BFNS. Femara + IUI #1 = BFN
    Hybrid Cycle: Femara + Injects (lepori) + Trigger (pregny) + TI = BFN
    24 hour motility test = no motile sperm after 24 hours (all SAs otherwise normal)
    Hysteroscopy to remove uterine polyp 6/12/12. Unmedicated cycle post-surgery = BFN
    Femara + Trigger + IUI #2 = BFN
    Femara + TI = BFP! EDD 5/28/13. HB seen twice. No HB @ 9 weeks. D&C 10/24/12. Trisomy 15
    Break cycle, SHG = all clear.  2 Femara + TI Cycles = 2 BFNS. Femara + IUI #3 = BFN
    IVF #1 w ICSI antagonist protocol. April 2013. 24r 21m 20f. 10 frosties. 5dt one 4AA =BFPEctopic
    2 doses MTX then Lap = tube saved, cleaned up Endo. Surprise natural ovulation after surgery + TI = BFN
    FET #1. July 2013 Transferred one 3AB blast = BFN
    FET #2- One transferred 9/20/13. Beta #1 10dp5dt = 233 BFP resulting in a baby boy born June 2014.
    8 frosties left
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  • Well, today is CD 34 (with no signs of AF) and I'm pretty sure that it's a BFN. I'll be going to the doctor this week to see what's next.

    QOTW: It's not raining here (mostly sunny and 65!). We're having brunch with DH's parents this morning. And we have our niece's 9th birthday party this afternoon. Wish me luck! Lots of kiddos and babies (and my newborn niece, too!).

    Mr. & Mrs. - Est. 10.03.2009

    TTC #1 since 06.2011 Me-24 DH-24

    12.2011 SA = Normal

    06.2012 First visit with OB/GYN

    10.2012 Clomid 50mg + TI = BFN

    11.2012 Clomid 50mg + TI = BFN

    12.2012 Clomid 100mg + TI = BFN

    01.2013 First visit with RE

    02.2013 Clomid 150mg + TI = BFN

    03.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    05.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    06.2013 Femara 7.5mg + TI = BFN

    *Taking a break*  

  • Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.  As for me, tomorrow is my cd11 monitoring for IUI #2. Hoping for some good follies and a nice thick lining this time. 

    QOTW: it's wet and gray here but not raining at the moment, so I think I'm going to attempt to get a good walk in since I haven't exercised much this week. Then I will be doing some crafting inside.  I want to make a wreath with fabric flowers for the front door and that can be done rain or shine! Crafting always makes me happy! 

    Me: 29 DH: 30
    TTC since April 2012
    April 2013 HSG: All clear!
    SA, bloodwork normal
    Dx: unexplained IF
    4.28.2013: clomid 50 mg + trigger + IUI#1= BFN
    5.24.2013: femara 5 mg + trigger + IUI#2= BFN
    6.20.2013: femara 5 mg + trigger + IUI#3= BFN

  • My endometrial biopsy is rescheduled for this Wednesday after my period finally ended on CD15.  I am pretty anxious to get it over with and get the results.  We'll be away a lot this summer so I don't think we'll be able to cycle until late August.

    QOTW:  if it's stormy out we usually stay home, cuddle up under blankets with the kitties, and watch a movie. 

    ************SIGGY/TICKER WARNING***************

    TTC #1 since Nov 2011 DX: Unicornuate Uterus and lean PCOS
    BFP #1 3/15/2012 ~ EDD 11/20/2012 ~ C/P 4 weeks 5 days   
    IVF #1: ER 3/3  10R 4M 4F - CCS testing shows all 4 are normal!
    FET #1: ET 4/28 = BFP!!  EDD January 13, 2015
    Emergency cerclage placed at 22w1d
    ~~*Everyone Welcome*~~
    Unicorn badge courtesy of the talented CLECyclist
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  • This is our last cycle before starting BCP for IVF.  I am not charting, using OPKs or taking the progesterone supps...I just need a complete break.  I am going in on Tuesday for a saline sonogram and we got some of our blood work completed yesterday.  We do have some additional blood work scheduled for next Monday for antiphospholipid antibodies and DQ alpha matching, not looking forward to the $1200 price tag for those tests since they aren't covered by insurance. 

    QOTW:  our best friends had a baby a couple days ago, so I'm gonna go hang out and visit them this afternoon.   

    CafeMom Tickers
    TTC since July 2011
    BFP #1: 2/15/12-Ectopic/Mtx at 6 wks

    BFP #2: 10/12/12-m/c at 5 wks. 
    BFP #3: 8/27/13
    Me: MTHFR, Low AMH (1.1), High NK cells and Antiphospholipid Antibodies.
    DH:MFI-Low morph (1%), DNA fragmentation: Excellent!
    5 rounds of clomid, 3 IUIs, and multiple non-medicated cycles- BFFN                                                      
    IVF with ICSI in August 2013 brought us our babies.  ER-9R, 7M, 4F w/ICSI  ET of 2-Grade 2 blasts. 
    + HPT at 6dp5dt. #1 (8dp5dt)- 105    #2 (13dp5dt)- 510  #3 (15dp5dt)- 960  #4 (17dp5dt)- 1889
    Dx shortened cervix, PTL, and preeclampsia during pregnancy.  Lots of medications and 13 weeks of bedrest, babies were born healthy at 34w4d!

  • I'm hanging in there - on day 3 of Letrozole for IUI#4.  It sounds so crazy to me to say that we are on IUI #4. Sometimes I think, "how he hell did we get here?"

    On my CD3 u/s, it showed that my cysts were gone, which was a huge relief, and so far, no side effects from the meds.  I go in next Friday for my monitoring appointment.

    QOTW:  Sometimes it affects my plans. I live in a large metropolitan area, so I walk everywhere.   If it is coming down in sheets, it is a big PITA to be walking around, but sometimes it's unavoidable.  If I can change my plans, I do. It doesn't affect my mood much though - I love the rain! 

    ** After  2 1/2 years of Unexplained IF, 2 failed medicated cycles, and 4 failed IUI's - our baby girl is coming to us through the miracle of Mini IVF! **

  • Congrats to all the BFPs and HUGS to those who need them!! I am 13dpIUI2 today and plan to test tomorrow morning. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I have absolutely no signs or symptoms. This includes PMS signs too. Last cycle at this time I was already cramping and had bad breakouts and was irritable. I got nothing now. So I really don't k ow if thy is good or bad. I plan to POAS tomorrow AM.

    QOTW: It's raining. Would that change your plans for today or affect your mood? How?
    I am at work 12 hours today so I missed or am missing the rain. I did park in the parking garage instead of an open parking lot because of the rain. I like it when it rains sometimes, but mostly I get lazy and kinda of Eeyore like. I hope everyone has a great day!
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    3TC March Siggy Challenge: Funny Internet Meme Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Age: Me 26, DH 27, Married Oct. 10, 2009 ,TTC since March 2012
    Problem: Irregular menstruation, unexplained
    Nov&Dec-Provera because of no period after 35+ days
    First RE appt 1/10/2013
    Tests: TSH (normal), Prolactin (normal), SA (abnormal)
    Hysteroscopy (normal) and PCOS labs (negative/normal) 1/15/2013
    2/1/13- HPT BFP but Beta Hcg was negative
    Plan: Femara + Trigger + IUI in April if no real BFP before then Bloggy Blog!
  • pvf08pvf08
    100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper 5 Love Its

    In the first week of the TWW. Just progesterone supps till the 11th. 

    Q: It will save me some work. I finally got our garden planted, and some flowers our front, so I won't have to water! 

    TTC Since August 2011
    Me: Delayed O, slightly low AMH, HSG clear. 
    Hypothyroidism since 2000
    DH: Borderline Morph, volume

    Cycle #1: Clomid + trigger: BFN 
    Cycle #2: Clomid + trigger: BFFN 
    Cycle #3: Clomid + trigger: BFN 
    Cyle #4: Follistim + trigger: BFFN 
    Cycle #5: Follistim + trigger: BFN 
    Cycle #6: Follistim + trigger + IUI#1: benched for too many follies
    Cycle #7: Follis tim + Trigger + IUI#1.1: BFN
    Cycle #8 Follistim + Trigger + IUI #2: benched for 30mm cyst
    Cycle #9: Follistim + Trigger + IUI #2.1: BFN
    IVF#1 w/ICSI December 2013: BFN
    IVF#2 late Feb/early March

  • I'm in the 2ww, at 4 dpIUI and still testing out my trigger. Beta is scheduled for 6/14 if no at.

    QOTW: well this actually happened yesterday. We had plans to go to the drive in and on the way there it started raining, we still went. I think depending on the plans it's still possible to continue them and I try not to let it ruin it.
    BFP #2 2/3/14  | EDD 10/16/14
    First U/S 2/10 Possible TWINS!
      | Second U/S 2/24 TRIPLETS!!!

  • I started met this last week along with BC. The met is kicking my butt and I'm only taking a partial dose. It seems so counter productive to be on BC but I understand why I am doing it.


    I love the rain. If it were raining right now I'd turn on a good movie and cuddle on the couch. Storms are the best.
     TTC#1 Since April 2011 
    BFP#1 5.23.12 C/P 4w4d 
    BFP #2 10.1.13
    EDD June 10, 2014
  • 1. What is your name if you want to share? Beth
    2. When did you start TTC month/year? Feb. 3012
    3. What is your diagnosis, if you have one? Unexplained Infertility
    4. What treatments are you doing? Cycle 1 of 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel Trigger, and TI. Now just 6 dpo and playing the waiting game.

    QOTW: I love unexpected rainy days especially when it allows me to have some forced downtime or get stuff done inside the house

    TTC #1 Since Feb 2012
    Me: 31, DH: 32
    Bloodwork, HSG, and SA = All Good

    RE Cycle #1: 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel, and TI = BFP on June 8!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Beta #1 115, Beta #2 244, 8 week ultrasound shows one beautiful gummy bear and heartbeat!


  • We got benched this cycle so iui2 is on hold. My lining was too thin so we're waiting for that to thicken up.

    QOTW: It's raining here too. It didn't change my plans today except that I went to a different park to run. It has more trees and more coverage from the rain.

    Me: 32 DH: 31.
    B/W: good. SA: good.
    November 2012: Paratubal cyst found during U/S.
    January 10, 2013: Lap removed paratubal cyst and Stage 2 Endometriosis. 
    3 cycles of Femara + TI = BFNs

    June 2013: Femara 2.5 mg, Gonal F Injects 37.5 IU, Menopur, trigger + IUI = BFN

    July 2013: Femara 2.5 mg, Gonal F Injects 75 IU, Menopur, trigger + IUI = BFP!!!!

    Beta 1 @ 11 DPIUI = 76. Progesterone = 27.3

    BFP 8/16/2013 // EDD 4/28/2014

    Jordan Samuel born April 19, 2014. 6 lb, 12 oz and 18 inches long.


     CLICK ME!!!11!!1111!!


  • rox825rox825
    2500 Comments 250 Answers 500 Love Its Second Anniversary
    5 days into the 2ww and just passing time and trying not to think about it until I test 12dpo.

    Rain has such a negative impact on my mood, it makes me lazy and kind of sad. Today my plans were grocery shopping, cleaning up, laundry, and relaxing, so it wouldn't interfere, just make me more lazy. I love hot, sunny weather.

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    TTC since Sept 2011, Unexplained IF
    Oct 12 - Jan 14: 3 clomid/TI cycles, 2 hysteroscopies, 2 IUIs, 1 BFP (MMC @ 12w), 2 more IUIs
    Feb 14: Gonal-f + IUI #5 = BFP! (EDD 11/4/14)
    Baby boy arrived 11/13/14!

  • Hello 3T ladies! Sending {{hugs}} to those who need them today!

    I triggered last night for IUI #1, and ER will be tomorrow!!! I cannot believe we are finally here! I'm suuuuper nervous for the ER and am anticipating some pain due to my high number of follies (20+)... I'm also at risk for OHSS due to high E2 levels (it was 4,658 yesterday), so I'm pounding the electrolyte enhanced water!  Still, I'm hoping for the best. We'll see!

    QOTW: Sometimes I like rain, if I'm in the mood. Since I've been doing a lot of resting at home these past few days, I've sort of been wanting it to rain. I think we're supposed to get some rain today or tomorrow, so maybe that will be good while I'm resting before and after my ER!! 

    TTC #1 since March 2011
    Dx = Unexplained IF
    Cycle #28 IVF
    6/18/13 Beta #1 @ 10dp5dt = 174!!! Beta #2 @ 12dp5dt= 391!!! I'm finally KU!!! EDD 2/24/2014
    Our little man was born 2/18/14! Welcome to the world!

     image        image

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Hi ladies, 

    3dpIUI today.  Forgot just how much ooze come from the vag tablet progesterone if you're active and ended up having a mess on my hands at work last night - eww! Needless to say I will not forget pantyliners again.  

    QOTW:  I have to work again this afternoon/evening so it wouldn't change my plans, but as for change of mood?  Eh, it depends on the day.  Most raining days I like to snuggle watching TV with DH and eat comfort food like soup.   

    TTC since July 2009. Dx MFI & LPD. 
    IUI#1&2&3 (2011 & 2012) BFN
    IUI#4 1/23/13 on 75iu x9 Follistim = BFP then chem preg m/c (Feb 2013)
    IUI#5 BFN (April 2013)
    IVF w/ICSI Oct. 2, 2012 - 13R, 11M, 7F, 1 frozen blast 4BB grade - - - FET Nov 15, 2013
    BFP! Beta 1:104 @ 10dp6dt, Beta 2:178 @ 12dp6dt,  beta 3:366 @ 14dp6dt
    Saw heartbeat twice before missed M/C at 8w3d on 12/27/13, missing my little angel boy
    JUNE 2014 IVF#2;  5R, 2M, 1F Three day transfer 6/7.  Beta 6/18 - BFN
    Child Free Now?

    My Blog


  • Hi ladies!

    Still on the Trental preparing for a FET in August.  Natural cycles have been BFN.  

    QOTW:  I had every intention of being a lazy bum today, so the rain/yucky weather has been perfect for that!

    My Blog
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

    TTC #1 since February 2011
    Me: 29 (3/5/13- high NK cells)  DH: 28 (5/8/12- MFI low morph and motility)
    Cycle #21 (IUI#1), Cycle #22 (HSG 9/21/12) and Cycle #23 (IUI#2)=  image
    Cycle #24- December Snow Bunny IVF #1
    ER 12/6/12 (14R, 11M, 9F), ET 12/9/12 transferred 2 day 3 embies
    Bleeding and low betas=very cautious image C/P 5W3D
    Cycle #26 March Lucky Duck- FET #1
    scheduled 3/20/13- CANCELLED- lining issues
    Cycle #27 May Emerald- FET #1.2
    delayed- Starting Trental for 3 months + natural cycles Cycle #28-30=  image
    Cycle #31 August Shooting Star- FET #1.3 
    transferred 1 hatching blast 8/21/13= imageBetas 8/30 (108) and 9/3 (565)

    U/S 9/19/13- HR is 128!  U/S #2 10/4/13- HR is 174!
    It's a BOY!

  • Hi all,

    I'm at 8dpIUI today.   The progesterone suppositories have me  crazy bloated and since I already had a little pot belly in the first place I now look pregnant.    Other than feeling huge I am fine.

    It's not raining here, but I already planned to couch potato it tonight with a good book.  I'm too hot and bloated to do anything else.



    RUMBERA: 35+ Current DX: Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
    DH: 40+  Diabetic, SA excellent.

    03/2012: Diagnosis: Low progesterone. Prometrium added,
    11/2012: MRI: 3 fibroids.  Myomectomy not recommended.
    01/2013: Blood work normal. HSG: All clear.
    03/2013: Diagnosis: "Unexplained Infertility"
    05/2013: Hysteroscopy & D&C.  Biopsy: "early polyp formation."
    05/2013: Bravelle + Menopur injections.
    05/25/13  IUI w/4 follies: BFN. 
    06/21/13  IUI#2 w/2 follies: BFP.
    08/20/13  MC #5 @ 9 weeks.  D&E performed, Chromosomes:perfectly normal female.  Fibroid the culprit.
    10/09/13  Robotic myomectomy - successful removal of 10cm posterior fibroid!
    10/10/13  BENCHED for post surgical healing of ute.   Getting healthy for Dec IUI.
    12/06/13  Bravelle + Menopur + Ganirelix + Ovidrel + IUI  + >3 follies =  cp
    01/06/14  Another IUI round with injects for super-O.
    01/17/14  Bravelle + Menopure + Ganirelix + Ovidrel + 3 follies = BFN
    01/30/14  Self-benched to get healthy for IVF
    03/04/14  Screwed over by insurance.   No IVF coverage.
    03/12/14  Hail Mary B2B IUI's with 2 follies=BFFN
    3/25/14  IVF is the next step.  We are exploring doing it overseas in 2015.

    ~~~~~~~~  EVERYONE IS WELCOME  ~~~~~~~~

  • Read all your posts.  I wish we would all get our BFPs asap.  Someone posted they couldn't believe they were on IUI #4....seriously you are right I can't believe it.  I was very hopeful that IUIs 1-3 would work.  

     Anyways, this is my first IUI with injects cycle- IUI #4.  Today will be my 6th day of Gonal F injects.  They aren't terrible but I have some bruising.   My Sono on Friday- CD 6 showed 2 decent follicles so far and several smaller.  Tomorrow is my CD 9 Sono and hopefully there will be more follicles and those 2 will be larger.  IUI will probably be at the end of the week.  I'm so hoping this is it for us.  

     Good luck to everyone this cycle! 


    DX: Unexplained
    6 Failed IUIs (Clomid and Gonal F).  
    IVF #1 began August 2013- BC, 4 days of Estrace, stimmed with Gonal F and Menopur, Ganirelix, 9R 5M 5F, Medrol and Doxycycline, 5 day transfer of 2 early blastocysts- good quality, Progesterone, Estrace, and baby aspirin, BETA on 9/20 BFN,   IVF #2 began September 2013, stimming with Gonal F (higher dose) and Menopur, Ganirelix, 18R 14M 9F with ICSI, 5 day transfer of 2 BBs one was starting to hatch, 2 frosties: 1  BB and 1 AC, BETA on 10/21, BFN BETA was a 5- chemical 
    Getting some more testing and trying to figure out what the issue is before FET in December, started acupuncture on 11/10, RLP and some other BW nothing major to report except slightly high Prolactin. Prolactin was slightly high when I started with my RE and I already had an MRI which was Neg.  Endo biopsy=negative.  WTF is wrong with us???
    12/18/13 FET of 1 BB and 1 AC.  Hoping for a miracle.  Beta 12/26 Low BETA-8 2nd BETA 5- chemical
    After 3 failed transfers IDK where to go from here.  Still no real answers as to why this isn't working.  Getting a second opinion in February and looking into immune testing.  
    2/14- NEW RE- Immune testing showed a partial dq alpha match with DH- On prednisone and did intralipids prior to transfer.  3/14 Lupron, gonal f, menopur, HGH.  ER 15 mature all 15 fertilized!  5dt of an early blast grade 1 and an expanded blast grade 2.  BETA on 4/21.  1 grade 2 embryo frozen
    BETA #1 59 BETA #2 148 BETA #3 283 BETA #4 2,783! US at 6w2d shows 1 bean measuring right on track! HR 121.  US at 8w3d measuring on track HR 177. Released form my RE.  EDD 12/28

    All Welcome
  • CindalCindal
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper

    Probably a day past O and even if we didn't have MFI problems our timing wasn't grand due to DH being sickly (just congested but he can be a big baby sometimes :) )

    QOTW: It is raining here. So I'm bumping and getting caught up on my editing, which were in all honestly probably my plans for the day anways.

    TTC since March of 2012
    Me: 27 Dh: 35 Testing Begins 3/5/13
    Six SA's show DH has low numbers across the board = severe MFI
    Genetic testing for me = MTHFR+, also carrier for blood clotting disorder Otherwise all else normal
    Dh's karotype= Normal!!
     Mini-IVF/ICSI - July -August 2014 - 1R,M,&F Transferred 1 Grade 1 Morula-5dt - BFFN

  • Hi ladies!! Thanks so much for the T&P's for the hubs and I while he is going through more tests for his stroke. He is doing really well right now and back at work full time with a few restrictions. Other than that, I'm in my first official 2WW that I actually know of. I flucking ovulated on CD17! I am 9DPO today. Had some brown discharge/super light pink spotting yesterday, so not sure if I should get my hopes up yet for this cycle, especially because we are not doing treatment right now, but regardless, I O'd for the first time in almost two years. So, yaaaay for that! Just waiting to test until Friday when AF is due. 

     QOTW: Rainy days really get me down. I don't like to leave the house when its gloomy. Usually, if I don't have to work or have other plans, I lay in bed with the dog and watch movies all day.  

    ***************SIGGY WARNING***************
    DX: PCOS and Endometriosis 
    TTC since May 2011
    HSG normal
    Hubs SA- Normal June 2012
    Aug. 2012: 50mg Clomid: No Response
    March 2013: 100mg Clomid: No Response
    July 2013: 5mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    August 2013: 10mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    Natural cycles Sept & Oct.--BFN
    Nov/Dec: 10mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    Jan 2014: 10mg Femara+Ovidrel+TI--BFN
    Feb: Benched due to cysts.
    March: Benched w/cysts.
    April: Femara+Follistim+Ovidrel+Prometrium
    BFP on Mother's Day 2014!! 
    EDD: January 20, 2015
    6week scan: TWINS!!!!!
    16w: Baby A is Stubborn, Baby B is a GIRL!
    20 week scan: TEAM PURPLE!


    Pregnancy Ticker
  • I finally have an update!  I went to the RE and I am scheduled for a Lap and HSG on June 11!  I am super stoked about and ready to get going!  The RE is also going to do some wedging or laser drilling of my ovaries while he is in there.  I started BC yesterday to prepare for the surgery and will start femara at the start of my next cycle and do TI.  If we go a few cycles with no luck, we will move to IUI.  I cannot believe this is going to happen!

    QOTW:  if it is raining, I don't usually change my plans unless I have outdoor plans.  Rain doesn't bother me in general and has little to no effect on my mood. 


    Daisypath Anniversary tickers


    My Blog
    *S/PAIF Welcome*

  • Congrats to all the BFP's and ::hugs:: to anyone who needs them right now! 11 dpIUI, CD25. I'm starting to feel the itch to test! But I want to wait until 13 dpIUI/CD27 because... wait for it... my lucky numbers are 1, 3, and 7. Yes, I know, that is incredibly lame, but it is true. I also don't want to test too early and see a BFN. Even if this cycle's a bust, I don't want to see it before it's too early to be "real" if you know what I mean.I am feeling some phantom symptoms right now that could go either way. I am choosing to remain hopeful and positive. We've nicknamed the hopeful embryo "Harvey" after the vintage board game Hang on, Harvey! and have been using that as our little chant. We are big dorks around here, lol************warning: children mentioned (not mine)************** I went for a run with my former coach/friend today and found out that he and his wife went through IF treatments to bring them their beautiful twins. They went to the same RE that I'm going to!! It was kinda funny talking to my coach about it because he didn't know all the info that his wife surely knows about their treatment history. I went into total sleuth mode and found out that they were at the treatments for 4 months and that she did injects of some sort. I don't think it was IVF because I'd like to believe that he'd know the difference if they got to that point. This inspired so much hope!!***********end of warning: everything below is "safe"*************** QOTW: It was sunny and hot today, but rain would have sabotaged my plans. I went for a trail run this morning (glorious!) and to my DH's car show in the afternoon. It was a great day! I got to see a lot of people I love including my dad & sister :) 

    Me: 32 DH: 35  TTC#1 since March 2012
    Dx: Poor Embryo Quality, Arcuate Uterus, Poor Uterine Blood Flow, Mild Endo, 
           Protein S Deficiency, Sjorgen's Syndrome 

    IUI #1-5: BFN
    Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy: minimal endo, partial septoplasty
    IVF #1: 10R/6M/6F ~ Day 3 ET = BFN
    IVF #2: 14R/9M/5F ~ transfer canceled ~ all embryos arrested at 1-2 cell stage
    IVF #3: 9R/5M/5F ~ 1 frosty!
    IVF #4 (FET #1): BFN

    IVF #5 (DE IVF #1 with Dr. KK protocol): Currently PREGNANT!!!!!!
    Synthroid + Prednisone + Metformin + Baby Aspirin + Supplements Galore = 15+ pills a day
    Lupron + Lovenox + Delestrogen + IVIG + B/W = 2-5 pokes a day
    19R, 17M, 17F - transferred two Grade A blasts 11/16, four frosties!!!
    Beta #1 11/24 (13dpo/8dp5dt) = 367 ~ Beta #2 11/26 (15dpo/10dp5dt) = 709
    Beta #3 11/29 (18dpo/13dp5dt) = 1,997 ~ Beta #4 12/1 (20dpo/15dp5dt) = 3,403


    My Blog: Running and Dreaming for Two ~ All are Welcome!
  • For everyone who is up to date on the above, where are you in your current cycle and how's it going?  8dpiui, starting to feel a bit crampy, so I am foreseeing the inevitable.  I am swinging between throwing in the towel and trying to talk DH into one IVF cycle.

    QOTW: It's raining. Would that change your plans for today or affect your mood? How?  A little bit.  I was visiting my family in Pgh and a big part of the day was going to watch my little sister's soccer game.

    BFP #1: 4/7/12. EDD: 12/2/12.
    Growth on target with h/b at 6w3d. No h/b at 8w4d. D&C 4/27/12.
    BFP #2: 2/28/13. M/C 5w1d.
  • Hi ladies.

    Hugs to everyone.

    We are on another break cycle while trying to see what insurance will cover for our next IUI cycle with injects. I am just getting insurance BOMs from my last cycle that look like I have reached my lifetime max of what they will cover for infertility which sucks... So when I call on Monday we will see what next cycle will cost us. :( but since I didn't know I had infertility coverage at all I guess I am grateful for what they did cover.

    QOTW: It's raining. Would that change your plans for today or affect your mood? How?  It luckily didn't rain here, which was good because we spent the day at the lake with my parents playing on their new boat. It was a little chilly and windy but we still had to go out on it! 

    Started TTC #1-5/2011 she arrived 9/15/14 I am 37 and hubs is 38
    Oct 2013 IVF#1 BFN, 1 blast on ice Dec 2013 FET - Dec 20th transferred 4AB blast - BFP!
    Beta #1 = 230 Beta #2 = 478 

    Baby Penguin born 9/15/14 via csection - we are so in love
     Bloggity blog
    imageimageImage and video hosting by TinyPicimage

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • We are currently taking a break from treatment and meds, unhappy with my RE and not being upfront about actual costs. We are paying off the current bills and evaluating where we want to go afterwards. DH is concerned about the risk of cancer taking all these hormones and the fact that cancer runs in my family and I'm just tired. So we are taking a break. No temping or drugs or anything.

    It's been good this month, less stress so we will reevaluate next month. I am pretty sure I am somewhere in a 2WW. AF is due Wednesday and I'll only test if she doesn't show.

    image         image

    My Ovulation Chart
    **All AL Welcome**
    TTC since July 2012 Me(42): normal HSG low progesterone 2.5 and TSH 13.9 DH(41): normal SA
    • 10 cycles no meds, July 2012 -March 2013: BFN
    • Cycle 11 - Chlomid and IUI April 6, 2013 BFN
    • Cycle 12 Chlomid but canceled IUI so only TI BFN
    • Cycle 13 - On break from meds - suprise BFP - ended in CP June 11, 2013
    • Cycle 14 - TTA BFN
    • Cycle 15 - 17 - Break from meds and doctor, trying on own BFN
    • Cycle 18 Chlomid and TI BFN
    • Cycle 19 BFN ...  onto Cycle 20
    • .........
    • Cycle I have no fricken clue anymore but still BFN
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