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Gas drops

What type of gas drops do you use for lo? I never used them with DD but I am starting to think DS may need them. Also, what are the indicators that cause you to give the drops? Thanks!

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  • Give gas drops when he gets fussy and draws his legs up toward his chest. Those are usually indictors of gas. 

    I've tried the simethicone drops and I'm not sure if they work. I usually give grip water now instead. DD seems to like those! 

  • We use "Little Remedies" brand gas drops (simethicone drops).  (We would have used any store brand though if it was available) We can tell she's gassy because she "toots" a lot, and also grunts and draws her legs up to her tummy.

    ETA: They seem to work for her 

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    I got walmart brand. There is no difference in ingredients between those and the 'name brands'.

    If your LO is just fussy it may or may not be gas. But if they are wiggling a lot, bringing their legs up and down, grunting, and have a hard tummy its gas.

    I didn't need them with my son, but Natalie is definitely gassy. I try other things first [burping in different positions, laying her tummy down over my legs, bicycling her legs] because I don't want to medicate when its not necessary, but they do seem to help when nothing else does
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  • We started using gas drops because DD just screamed all the time and we were trying everything. They have helped tons!! We just use the walmart brand. Same ingredients but cheaper.
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  • We use Little Remedies. They work well and LO likes them. I also tried Up and Up which is the Target brand but LO cried when we gave them to her. I think it's because Little Remedies tastes like berries and the Target brand tastes awful.
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