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I'm a horrible Mom

Someone shoot me. I didn't feed the baby when he woke up at 3 to eat. Why you ask because I'm horrible and fell asleep.

We have a double monitor that scans back and forth between baby's and DS1s room. Typically when I hear the baby up I stop the camera so it stays on Ds1s room so DH would hear him if I'm in with baby.

Well last night I remember baby cried at 3 to feed. I must have switched the monitor over to DS1s room and must have then fallen back asleep without getting up to nurse. I'm horrible. He could have been crying for hours and I didn't hear him. I should be shot.

I woke up at 6 and switched over monitor realizing what I had done. Baby was just starting to stir to eat again.

I'm so upset and pssed at myself. From now on I'm not changing the monitor because clearly I'm incompetent and selfish and fall back asleep. DH will just have to listen to baby cry for the minute or two it takes me to change diapers and get him latched on.
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Re: I'm a horrible Mom

  • ktr722ktr722
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    Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm sure your little one won't be holding it against you.
  • It's not like you did it on purpose. Give yourself a break
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  • SRK128SRK128
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    You are not a bad mom! It will all be okay i promise!
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  • I've done something similar with both kids. The battery died overnight and I had no clue. They both started crying hard enough for me to hear it without. Odds are if that didn't happen the baby went back to sleep pretty quick. Don't beat yourself up it happens!
  • tmrchitmrchi
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    I agree with everyone else.  Things happen, baby will not starve to death by missing one feeding, plus you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.  Obviously your body needed that extra sleep and you will be better able to take care of your kiddos today because of being better rested.
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  • I'm sure you feel bad but I think you can ease up a little bit. Nobody ever died from cryin'.  ;-)  Everybody makes mistakes!
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  • I feel the same way when I realize I forgot to do a MOTN diaper change... at the next feeding I'm like, "sweet baby Jesus your diaper is wet!" Sorry LO! 

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