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Intro and a question re: PP itching

Hi ladies!

I am joining you from PgAL with my rainbow baby, Katharine, who was born on May 23.  Last May, we suffered an ectopic pregnancy and I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the incredible women on TTCAL and PgAL.  I'm really looking forward to the support I can give and receive here and to reconnect with some of you who I haven't seen in a while.

As for my question - the vaginal itching from my stitches is driving me completely out of my mind.  Does anyone have any suggestions for relief?  I've tried Dermoplast, witch hazel pads, soaking in the tub, etc.  I even eyed DD's butt cream thinking it might be soothing but I haven't tried it.  Any help at all would be so much appreciated! 


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Re: Intro and a question re: PP itching

  • Welcome and congrats!  If you call your OB's nurse on Monday, she might have some suggestions to help with the itching.  I wonder if sitting on an ice pack would help to numb it enough to give you some relief.
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  • So happy to see you over here, congrats and welcome!!  I agree with PP about ice packs to help numb things a bit.  It sounds like you are doing everything right otherwise.  Hopefully the itchy phase is short for you!
  • Hi lady!! Congrats again and welcome!! I was using dibucaine, not for itching, but I didn't have an itching issue. Its available on amazon... 1 and what the hospital gave me
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    Hi and welcome! So good to see you on this side. Is it possible that you might have a hemorrhoid in addition to your stitches? Because I do, and it suuuuuuucks. If that's the case, then go for the Preparation H. The Tucks pads didn't do diddly for me. Hope you feel better soon! Big congrats!
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  • Congrats and welcome!

    Are you using Always pads? The dry weave on those caused me to be raw itchy after DS1. I ended up getting Stayfree after that with no problems. Also if you can get the ice pads from the hospital they are great.

    Also, this sounds crazy but my DS had to have penis surgery at 8 months. The urologist had me rub Aquaphor on his stitches and around his cath for healing. You may want to try that on your stitches.
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  • Welcome and congrats. I don't have any advice as I had a c-section, but I think the ice packs are a great idea. I put them on my stitches when they were itching and it helped.
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  • Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice!

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  • Welcome!

    I also had itchiness but it was mostly caused by my pad rubbing against the stitches. I changed pads and it got better.
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  • Welcome and congrats on Katharine's arrival!!! I agree with PP about ice packs! Did the hospital send you home with any of those wonderful ice pack- pad hybrid thingies? Those were great!
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  • Welcome to the board, and so glad to see more babies and Mama's joining <3

    As for the itch, sorry ~ no advice, my issue was more of a burn during peeing, so I just used that spray bottle and that seemed fine . . . gosh I hope the PP's advice helps!


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  • Congrats and welcome! As far as the itching, it may be the pads you're using. I was using the regular Always pads, but they made me so uncomfortable after a while. Try the Always Infinity pads. They're a foam type pad instead of a dry weave. They also absorb wonderfully! May be worth a try. And a sitz bath may be a good idea.

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  • Welcome to this side, fellow May board mama! Congrats on baby Katherine!

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  • that sucks, what a horrible place to itch... i dont remember feeling that, but i used the tucks pads and the meds they gave me in the hospital.  I cant remember what the meds were called right now but they were basically hemorrhoid stuff... i also got some feminine wips too cause i never felt clean... i used the waterbottle after i went to the bathroom every time too

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  • Welcome and congrats on the birth of your DD! Have you tried a sitz bath for the itching?

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