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too many blankets?

I think I got to many blankets at the shower. What do I do with so many? most of them are hand made and cannot take back. I like them, I just dont know what to do with them...

Re: too many blankets?

  • Two, to, too.

    Too many.  Keep them and be grateful.  They'll come in handy, less laundry when your baby pukes, pees, has a blow out.   

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  • I am a FTM. How many are too many?
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  • jencnhjencnh
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    I don't know if you can have too many blankets! Having lots of blankets comes in handy...but if you feel the need, return the ones not handmade or donate some to a women's shelter. They'd love a nice blanket for their little ones!
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    I don't know if you can have too many blankets! Having lots of blankets comes in handy...but if you feel the need, return the ones not handmade or donate some to a women's shelter. They'd love a nice blanket for their little ones!


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  • really good idea-thank you
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    I am a FTM. How many are too many?
    seriously this!

    I would just be grateful and put them away for later.
  • atcwagatcwag
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    I can imagine using more than you think you would - on floor for tummy time, nursing cover, over infant carrier on cold days, blanket for baby in infant carrier/stroller.....

    If you really have too many, donating or re-gifting would be good options.  Maybe return any that can be returned and then keep the handmade ones?  I know my mom kept all my handmade blankets and they're definitely a welcome gift now that I'm pregnant.

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  • I'm team "no such thing as too many". At least when it comes to certain baby items. I love having tons of blankets, bibs, receiving blankets, and onesies!
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  • We received 15 and I felt the same way. I took a photo of my LO on each blanket as a way to preserve the memory of each one before they get tattered and worn mainly because most of them were handmade and unique. Because LO is still so young, we aren't using them much right now but I'm sure we will make good use of them in the years to come.

    The PPs have a good suggestion of you donating any of the ones you may not use. Great idea!
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  • I only got one handmade, but we definitely received more blankets than we used, even for a winter baby. She hated being swaddled, so all of those weren't used. We donated lots and she has some to use with her baby dolls now.
  • KatFCoKatFCo
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    We definitely had too many blankets, as evidenced by the fact that there were some I never used. I ended up lining wicker baskets with some of them and donated others. NICUs often put large blankets over isolettes, and the one DD was in uses donated blankets.
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  • MrsMuqMrsMuq
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    We ended up with 5 handmade blankets, 12 receiving blankets, 3 thermal blankets, and 3 fleece blankets. We've used

    I don't think you can have too many blankets, but if you think you do have too many, do as PPs said and donate a few to a shelter.

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  • I love all the handmade blankets we received. I crochet and often make baby blankets for showers and of course made my own for LO. They are really nice keepsakes.

    We got a bunch of other blankets as well and we use them for everything from tummy time to stroller blankets for when the weather is cooler. I really don't think you can have too many.
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  • I can't use a blanket if it's been spit up on, peed on, leaked on, etc. There are never TOO many blankets when you have a LO.

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  • We received a lot as well.  We use receiving blankets to lay LO down on so didn't really have a use for the 12+ we got.  I returned a handful and plan on regifting one or two.

    "Too many" for us was that they didn't fit into DDs dresser drawer that was earmarked for blankets.  Everyone's definition of "too many" is different, though. 

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  • I had 3 dresser drawers full!

    We used every single one!

    You'll like some better for on the go, in the stroller, in the carseat, for breastfeeding covering, for the boppy, for summer, for winter, for the floor, for the bed as the baby gets older.


  • You all are telling me you could find a use for 31 blankets, not including swaddles? I just went and counted, that's literally how many I got at my shower. I have used maybe 5. I keep one in the kitchen, crib, car seat, diaper bag. I'm going to go through them and take some to goodwill or send them to OK.

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