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Well, sleep WAS going good...

After all the illness and craziness around our house, we were finally starting to see DS2 start sleeping longer stretches (and by longer, I mean 3-3.5 hrs). However, our little squirt, who is a tummy sleeper, now flips onto his back and freaks out every 2 hours.   Now I've heard of those who flip from back to front and have issues, but is anyone having issues with front to back in their sleep?  He forgets how to roll back to his stomach in his sleep and will scream until I grab him and rock/nurse him back down. ::mobile sad face::
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Re: Well, sleep WAS going good...

  • I wonder if this is just a phase babies go through. We had this for a while, but D was always really good at going from back to tummy, not to so much on tummy to back. So if he rolled on his tummy in his sleep he would get stressed out and start crying. It lasted a week, then he stopped then it started again a few weeks later then stopped.
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  • I was in the same boat about two weeks ago except that M was rolling from back to tummy.  It lasted a few nights, but luckily she stopped.  

    For us, the last two nights have been pretty rough.  M is getting ready to cut her top middle teeth and hasn't been sleeping for any longer than 2 hour stretches.  I gave her some tylennol tonight and hope that it helps. 


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