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leaking amniotic fluid?

My next dr. appt is on Friday, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between normal pregnancy discharge and leaking amnitoic fluid? TMI here (sorry), but sometimes my discharge is yellow/green-ish, and others not, and this has me worried. Just wondering if I can pick you ladies' brains here for any input. Thanks! 

Re: leaking amniotic fluid?

  • Put on a pad. If its soaked within an hour then that's it. I'd call your ob. I'm sure they will tell you the same and to come in.
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  • Good advice. I know it wouldn't be soaked within an hour, but there would be sticky discharge on it (again, sorry if TMI here). Thanks for the input.
  • If you are truly worried about leaking amniotic fluid I would not be waiting until next Friday to make sure. I would call my doc or go to L&D if I thought I was leaking fluid.

    To me it doesn't sound like AF, more like normal vaginal discharge. Discharge during pregnancy can be heavy to the point of soaking underwear occasionally. AF doesn't stop once it starts, so the leaking wouldn't come and go. My AF was clear so I don't know about colors, I know if there is some meconium in it then it have a slight green tinge. Again, I'm not a doctor and if you are really worried I would call them as soon as possible. There is a simple test they can run to check the fluid to see if it is in fact amniotic fluid. 

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  • Good to know. I didn't realize it doesn't stop once it starts (though that makes total sense). I'm thinking more and more this is just discharge and not AF. It sounds like you had to deal with thise before - I hope it all worked out ok! Thanks for the advice.
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    I would bet that it's just normal pregnancy discharge.  My discharge ranges from milky to sticky to completely watery and sometimes even comes in a "mini gush", especially after sitting down for a while.
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  • Thanks for this question, as I've been wondering the same thing, and I appreciate the responses. I know there's increased discharge during pregnancy but I feel like there's so much sometimes, and since I'm a FTM I wonder if it's "normal." I'm sure it isn't AF since I have no other symptoms like cramping or anything, and this definitely comes and goes, but the worry of leaking AF is always in the back of my mind. So, thank you!
  • Amniotic fluid is liquid, like pee, but odorless and colorless. It is not sticky like discharge. People often think they're leaking amniotic fluid when they pee their pants, not when they have sticky discharge...
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