Cloth Diapering

what brand of cloth diapers do you use? and cost?

I use several different brands and have a few haven't used yet(too big for baby). I have a 13 month old and I am pregnant with twins (33 weeks1day)....attempting to cloth diaper all three! ( 13 month old is starting diaper elimination though so maybe not for long!:))

Total cost if just did prefolds is $360 spent.

Our whole prefold collection we bought first was 250 came with 48 infant prefolds and 6 covers, and 36 toddler prefolds and 6 covers, and liners.

Snappies cost us around 25 -30. 

Preemie prefolds- around 30 

Extra covers for all size prefolds so far-50ish

Extra prefolds size Sm(praticed on a babysitting kid)-20

I use good old fashioned indian pre-folds: 24 in size preemie , 60 in size 8-15lbs, and 36 in size 15-30lbs, (and some gerber havent opened from my aunt).

With the prefolds we use just covers-several brands, -best one is a buckle in front! My 13month old cant take off her diaper anymore! AND my aunt gave us fleece pant covers, great for early mornings or just around house!

Contours for 12 were -$20 

We just got some controur prefolds off craigslist, awesome, but daughter just about to outgrow them, some a snappie doesnt work, so I need pins..

Gdiapers -total cost $180 for newliners(20)15 M (round 60) SM (20) Newborn bundle(40) Gthrowaway liners-(40)

Then I got into Gdiapers! I bought 2 used at a consignment store for trips out and loved them! So got 10 more off craigslist(3 need to be fixed) and a few more at smae consignment store....

We have 6 active in size M - the others need need eslastic or need to be fixed. 

We have 7 in size SM - all came in a kit. One I got at a thirft store for a buck! Brand new! :)

And we have 12 little newborn Gpants- came in the newborn bundles as did the 6 Sm. Only thing is they leak...anyone else have this problem with Gdiapers? Im hopeing since got brandnew ones they wont.


We also have some Pocket diapers I got into more recently. 

Bumgenius cost =40 for 11 diapers!

We have 8 bumgenius(pink 3.0?) got at consignment event for 5 bucks!!! (needs to be fixed) so  15 with 8 fix it kits.

2 bumgenius- liner doesnt come off(idk what style) -15 

bumgenius perfect fit (just bought it, brand new at consignment store!)- 10

Fuzzibuns- my favorite. 70.

Have 5 Sm-got at 75% off -6 each- 30

and 7 Med(baby doesnt fit in yet) for 40 (some need to be fixed)

We also have some newborn all in ones, that came with the newborn bundle so 30 for 8 brandnew newborn diapers! (usually 25 each!)

Hmm wow, really adding up (not showing this to hubby! lol)...we have some kushies 6- 3 in size sm and 3 in size large- 2 were given to us, and 1 bought for a buck, and 3 others, $10.

Rumparoos- anyone use theses? got 2 med for 12

and Elite (something) for 7 (pocket diaper)

and my aunt gave us some newborn homemade all in ones, and like 10 size med i use with a dappie

  I am probably missing a few....but if I have to esitimate with buying extra snappies, the liners for buckets, bucket for bathroom, wet bag for car, cloth wipes,   prob 150 bucks for that...

so total- round 900 for 3 kids from birht to potty


Re: what brand of cloth diapers do you use? and cost?

  • I put everything into excel since I started just for fun and it is neat to see how much I will have actually spent in the end I b/s/t a lot. But definitely less than disposables and after seeing some moms of multiples post pics of how many disposable diapers they stock for their twins or triplets, am glad to not be dumping that into landfills!
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