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hcg and progesterone lvl concerns

This is my first pregnancy and I am so excited, but also starting to feel nervous. LMP was April 8th and we got our BFP on May 26th. We had been trying for almost 2 years and I got put on meds for PCOS to help around Christmas. I had my first blood test done on the 27th and we got confirmations yesterday that we were in fact pregnant and also got my HCG levels and progesterone levels back.

 My Hcg was 350 and my Progesterone was at 4.5. I know for being 7 weeks that that is low, but giving my irregular cycles I was already figuring that I was only 4 maybe 5 weeks pregnant. SO my Hcg level aren't so much of a concern My Progesterone lvls concern me a bit. I know I need to relax and wait till I get the result back from my second round of blood work back, but curse the internet for its abundance of info sometimes.

 Anyone else have similar issues early on in their pregnancy and have advise or words of reassurance?

Re: hcg and progesterone lvl concerns

  • My progesterone was low and after the second round of b/w they put me on prometrium and everything turned out fine :
    Good luck HH9MO!
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  • Congrats!

    Were you tracking your BBT to confirm ovulation? Or have any positive opks?  It's possible you ovulated later than you think, making you perhaps 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. Since you mention irregular cycles this may be the case.

    Did you take any pregnancy tests prior to the one on May 26?

    Has your obgyn mentioned progesterone supplements?  Even if the 2nd level is higher, you may want to start a discussion about progesterone supplements even if your obgyn does not mention it.  Mention your concerns and see what she says.  I think many practices like to see the level at 20 or so...


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  • My progesterone level was 12.5 and I started prometrium 2xday. Going back for f/u bloodwork tomorrow.
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  • It could be because you are early.  As PP mentioned I think most doctors want progesterone at 20 or higher.  I did lose a baby around 6/7 weeks when my progesterone was at a 6.  I would ask about the supplements a PP mentioned and I would continue to get blood taken weekly.  That is what I have been doing to keep my head relaxed from running with bad ideas.
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  • I am pretty sure I am more like 4-5 weeks and not 7-8 weeks. I test about 2 and half weeks ago and got a negative.

    They haven't mentioned anything yet since I have only had one round of blood work. They didn't really give me any info when they gave me my level. II asked them to explain what the number meant and they just said it was to early to be really sure. I know that the next set will give me better answers as to what is going on. I pulled most of my info of of webmd and americanpregnancy.org. 

    I think what has had me the most spooked was the fact that the day after we found out I had light spotting. This happened the same day that we went and had the blood work done. They figured it was because I had sex the day we found out. The spotting didn't continue and hasn't happened again. Husband and I have been using some serious self control cause we don't want that to happen again. Going to have to wait till I get a all clear for my OBgyn.

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    My first two had progesterone levels down below 5, and I was on progesterone supplements until 12 weeks.  With this baby my progesterone was at 17, but they put me on supplements just in case.  The minimum they usually want to see is between 15-20.

    Really low progesterone can lead your uterine lining to not support a pregnancy so it's definitely something to look into. 


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