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The past few days

I'm so worried about this pregnancy. Today I am I think 14 dpo. I am fairly sure I ovulated May 17. I got my first BFP at home on 12 dpo, went and had a blood test that confirmed positive. Had a little light spotting that night, it scared me but I think everything was ok with that. I took another home test that morning, another BFP and this time I got it on my baby hopes "supposedly" 10 miu test that suck and haven't been showing positive for me when my digitals do. Then I got a weird call from my doctor that I had to come in because they ordered the wrong test. They ordered a blood quantitative and apparantly they can only confirm with a urine qualitative test or I can't get my referrals. The call came literally as I was in the same building sitting on the toiletI work there, so I had just went to the bathroom. I went to the lab and told them and they still had me take the test. Not surprisingly it came out negative. I went home at lunch, took my own test after waiting an hour and a half between bathroom visits and surprise surprise, my test at home is positive. The doc calls me to come speak with him about why I got a positive blood and a negative urine. I tell him I'm getting positive urine at home and he looks totally shocked and suggest I'm taking the tests wrong and reading the tests too late. Lucky for me I'm taking line and digital at the same time, you can't misread a digital, it says pregnant or not! So now he agrees with me that the urine was an error.

He shared my original blood test with me and says my hcg was 64 which to me seems fairl normal for 12 dpo but he is telling me its low. He is not an OB, he is a general medicine practitioner. Now he wants me to come back Monday for another hcg to see if my levels are up or down. And then only if that comes back with a rise will they order another urine test. I'm terrified what the results will be. My first pregnancy was nothing like this. I didn't spot, we never questioned whether I was pregnant or not, it's driving me batty. And I'm worried even if my levels go up, if they make me test in the middle of the day again will their test pick it up again. How can my home test be more sensitive that theirs? I'm still getting positives at home. I took an EPT this morning, the line was there, the same shade as the control. That tells me I'm pregnant, but I'm driving myself crazy second guessing on whether its getting darker or not.

I'm sorry for the novel and I've made a post already about the spotting, but what do you think about the rest of this? Am I just fooling myself with false hope or was that urine test wacky?
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Re: The past few days

  • Ps, the bump likes to randomly revert back things that my autocorrect has corrected like "sand" was "same" after I corrected it and it randomly took out my parentheses. Weird...
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  • I think the blood test trumps the urine test
  • image katewaite11:
    I think the blood test trumps the urine test

    Since you're in Greenwich I have to ask... Do you by any chance go to Putnam?  I'll be transferring there from Brookside shortly, and I am dreading it as I have heard quite a few negative things about Putnam.... 

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  • Oh my gosh, thank you for all the info! Ypu helped ease my mind soooo much! I guess he didn't order 48 hour tests because they aren't open weekends, but really I had to fight to even get another test at all. They seriously took the urine test as the accurate one. If I want insurance to cover visits I have to play by their rules for now. I think with my positive blood test I should be getting sent to an OB regardless just to find out what's actually going on, I don't remember having to mess around with a urine test last time, but maybe the insurance has changed. He did start me on prescription prenatals and told me to "act" pregnant.
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  • I would say a 64 is an excellent first draw! My first quant was 55 and my second one, 48 hours later, was 120. Like pp said, it's how much the number increases in 48 hours that's important. My OB said that as long as she sees a 60 increase then that's a good sign. We got all of these results when we went back for our second u/s at 6w5d and got to see the heartbeat so those numbers didn't mean much anyway lol.

    Good luck, try to relax but trust me I know how insanely difficult that is!
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