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H and I are going out for anniversary tomorrow and I was really looking forward to it because it is our first date night since baby. 

I'm going through my closet tonight trying to find something to wear, and literally NOTHING fits. I feel so fat and gross. I have been so proud of myself lately because I'm almost 4 weeks PP and have already lost 34 pounds, which I think is pretty fantastic. This has been without working out since I haven't been cleared for exercise yet.

I just feel really discouraged and gross. And sad. Is being really fit again just not gonna happen?  

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  • Pregnancy changes your body. Don't worry you will get there eventually. Sometimes women lose all the pregnancy weight and stuff still doesn't fit the same. =]
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  • I know the feeling! With ds1 I lost all the weight, but none of my jeans would fit anymore because my shape changed. Do you have a Target nearby? They have a ton of maxi dresses for pretty cheap.. They are so in right now! And easy to dress up. Happy anniversary! Have fun!!
  • Strong work with the weight loss! That is some fantastic progress! I am over 2.5 months PP and my body shape is still going back to normal. I am still rocking some maternity clothes because normal clothing still looks a bit funny. Hang in there it is a slow but steady process! 
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    My hubby and I are going out for our anniversary tomorrow night! 7 years for us. I had this same problem and was really upset. I was trying really hard not to buy anything just yet. BUT I decided to go out and by an outfit that I feel great in. I have a few showers coming up so I knew I could get some use out if it. Luckily I found something on sale and I feel great in it. It's not the size I want to be but it's much more flattering than trying to squeeze into my pre preggo clothes. I highly recommend getting a couple things that make you feel pretty while you are working on losing the weight. Your body may never be exactly the same but the weight loss will come.
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  • i feel ya!! i may have lost baby weight, but the structure of my body is different such as bigger boobs, and I feel like my ribs expanded. it does suck for sure!
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    Pregnancy changes your body. Don't worry you will get there eventually. Sometimes women lose all the pregnancy weight and stuff still doesn't fit the same. =]

    This! I've lost almost 35lbs at 6 weeks pp, and even though my butt fits in my old jeans again, they fit weird. I think pregnancy gave me hips because I never had them before. Looks like I can no longer get away with shopping in the juniors section.
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    I had the same problem when I went on my first post-baby date after DD1. Nothing fit, and I felt frumpy and gross. It does get better. I was just starting to look good in some of my pre-DD1 clothes when I get pregnant with DS. It may take time and a lot of hard work and effort, but it can be done.

     I definitely suggest getting some flattering "in-between clothes" for now. It makes such a big difference to your self esteem when you have stuff that fits properly. You don't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe...just some basics that will help you feel pretty. It's hard to feel gross and pretty at the same time. :)


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