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Let's hear it! Father's day!

So I know we are starting to really think about father's day gift ideas.  What do you all have planned?  I am looking for something for my father-in-law and he is super hard to buy for since he has everything he already needs.  I thought to do something sweet considering he now has his first grandchild but we are going in with my brother-in-law on a gift and I think it would be weird for him if we did that.  Although, now that I think about it, Grandparent's day is not until September...


Re: Let's hear it! Father's day!

  • JSS1002JSS1002
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    I made my dad and my FIL a photo album on Shutterfly of our newborn photos.

    DH and I are low key -- he got me a framed pic of James and I for MOther's Day, and I made him a mug on Shutterfly with a pic of them.  He told me on Mothers Day we could do whatever I wanted that day (what I wanted was to see my mom in the morning and then spend the day with DH and James), and I will tell him the same thing about Father's Day.  And probably let him sleep in. ;-) 

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  • I bought DH new Ray Bans. His broke, and we would have replaced them anyway. So, Father's Day is my excuse to spend the money!

    His cute daddy gift is a recordable book. He leaves for boot camp next month, so DS is giving him a book to record for us to read while he's gone!
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  • I'm telling H he can go on a guys golf trip with his best friends for the weekend after Father's Day. He didn't even ask me because he knew I wouldn't want him gone but I know he wants to go. I already told the other guys so they know to expect him and my mom is coming to help with the girls. I'm excited to see his face!
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  • rcantorrcantor
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    I got my husband a magnet with a picture of Reese for his locker at work. He got me a mug with her picture. Threw in our dog and cat on the mug too which was cute. Both grandfathers will get cards "from" Reese.
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  • I have a friend who just graduated as a graphic designer so I asked her to design something frameable for MH incorporating the quote: "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty."
    I haven't seen it yet, but she is very talented and I know it will be awesome!

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  • SRK128SRK128
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    We are making ties! I will use each kids hand and foot prints and they each get to make daddy a tie! He loves them! My dad passed away in February so this is my 1st one without him. I want to do something but I have no clue what to do. For my FIL he loves to golf so I always get him golf stuff.
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  • I'm getting my dad and step dad 'grandpa' shirts, and I got baby daddy a frame with a really nice dad quote and I'm going to put one of our newborn photos of him and LO in it and also got him a hand stamped copper keychain with the baby's first and middle name and his DOB on it and a BBQ tool kit so he can start grilling this summer.
  • I made my father a photo book through Walgreens & will have it shipped to him (he lives in another state). I made MH an iPhone case with LO's picture & bought him beerfest tickets. Since he's been acting like a D-bag I will probably keep the case.



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  • I made MH a travel mug from shutterfly with the kids' pictures. He will also get a card from me and a handmade card from my older DD. I'll let him sleep in on Father's Day and cook his favorite foods.

    For my Dad, stepdad and FIL I am making mugs or reusable water bottles on shutterfly using the kids' pictures.
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  • Walmart had a promo here for a free photo mug with 4x6 print purchase, so I made a mug for him out of the photos I took of our LO. He is also a hockey fan so I dressed her up in team colours and took a picture of her holding a little decorative hockey stick he had. We really have no budget right now for extra things like gifts so I had to get creative!

  • We are doing the DAD pics. DS1 will hold one D and DS2 will hold the other D and then both boys will hold the A and will put both pics in a 3 picture frame

    For my dad, I am getting a baseball and putting DS1 and DS2 hand print on them using a stamp pad

    Not sure about FIL yet

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  • I'm doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...This is my fifth child and my DH forgot about me on Mother's Day.  He'll have to try again next year as I haven't gotten over my grudge yet.  I actually bought him a gift that he really has been wanting a long time ago while pregnant but it'll have to wait until the holidays.  Sorry...I'm being the Father's Day Scrooge.
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