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Early post: who is considering baby led weaning?

I am just looking into this more and more... But is anyone considering baby led weaning? We are definitely waiting, but at the very least I plan on skipping rice and going to oatmeal if we stick to mush. But I am curious if anyone else is confiding moving forward with BLW and if they have had success with it before. 
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Re: Early post: who is considering baby led weaning?

  • We are doing BLW somewhere after 6mo. FTM so no experience with it yet. Although, I did look it up on YouTube to see babies in action. 
  • We're planning to do BLW. Like all plans, we're open to other options if it doesn't work, but we have a lot of friends who have done it successfully. Be prepared for messy meals!
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  • How do you blw and watch out for allergies to food? I mean how can you introduce things slowly this way?

  • We are bypassing grain mushes. I don't know if we're going to do a strict BLW. If we do soft foods I'll make them myself.

    ETA: more info

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    How do you blw and watch out for allergies to food? I mean how can you introduce things slowly this way?

    Same way if you pure them. You introduce the foods one at a time and give it 3 or 4 days before adding another.

    Dh and I like the idea of BLw. We are FTP so we are going I try it then we will stick with it, of we don't feel like it works for our family we will make or own baby food. Either way our lo will be eating fresh food prepare at home so we can control what is going into lo body




  • I guess you could call what we do baby led weaning, since we skip the purees and stuff.  But we don't start solids until around 11-12 months.
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    How do you blw and watch out for allergies to food? I mean how can you introduce things slowly this way?

    My oldest has severe food allergies, so this is a concern for us.  How we do BLW is only giving one ingredient foods for a while.  So, the baby will get the vegetable from our meal.  Or just some eggs with breakfast.  I'll do more than one different food each day, but I try to avoid things like casseroles that have a lot of ingredients mixed together.  If my child did have a reaction to something with more than one ingredient, I would do a food challenge with the common allergens (milk, soy, eggs, etc.) until I found out which one caused the reaction.

  • I did homemade purees with my first and have thought about BLW.  I'll probably just do a mix of purees and chunks though.  We use daycare and they'd probably have a fit if there weren't purees! :)


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    I read a BLW forum and I can't do it. I read a few post about gagging with posters saying it is natural and they are working it out. I think it is fine that others do, but giving a 6 month old table food freaks me out. It sounds cool, but I am too chicken. Not to mention that we did pretty well with giving puree first, I grind up what the family has so it is probably a little lumpier than the jars anyhow. I am interested to see how it goes for others :)

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    FTM planning on it. Just bought the book and it's an easy, straightforward read!
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  • My neighbor just told me about this. She has done it with both of her children successfully. I plan on looking into it more and picking her brain about it. She said BF babies tend to take to it better because they're used to the taste of foods through our milk.

  • We are more like BLW than not, I guess. We will do oatmeal in the beginning, but we don't do a lot of purees. Instead, we start with foods with a naturally soft texture, like sweet potatoes and bananas, and I just overcook veggies to make them softer. I will have some purees, though, for convenience.
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    We did BLW with DD and loved it. It was so stress free and WAY less work preparing meals. you have such a different mentality than people who do pur?es. Food is for fun until they are 1!!!!! Take this to heart and just let the kid learn tastes and textures! My now 2 year old has a wide range of things she eats, I couldn't imagine doing anything else for DS, it just makes so much sense. 

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