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NBR: Dying Dog?

I have a 12 yr old German Shepherd... and I think she is slowly saying goodbye. For the last two winters she has had humidity related nosebleeds... but recently they are no longer controlled by the medication or the weather. 

This morning I gave her a piece of bread and she proceeded to bleed out both nostrils all over the backyard.

She has taken to eating her feces in the last few weeks which has led to bowel movements in the house. 

The hardest part is that I am home all day dealing with this and a newborn. Neither of which are fun and is causing me more stress than it should.  H said putting her down would be a family decision, but I just can't make that call.  I just wish she would slip quietly in her sleep.

Any other moms have dogs with nose bleeds? Just looking for a little advice. Maybe I can squeeze more time out of her?  I have a call into the vet, but I know I will break down on the phone.

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Re: NBR: Dying Dog?

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    I'm so sorry. I bet thats difficult to watch. I would probably choose to put the dog down and know it's no longer in pain. We had to put our lab down a few years ago and it was heart wrenching but i felt such peace when it was over. No advice on the nose bleeds. Good luck with your decision.
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  • I'm really sorry. We also have a 12 yr old and it makes me sad to think about the end. I don't have experience with nosebleeds but wanted to send you a virtual hug during this tough time.

    Edit: our dog started eating her feces. We began giving her vitamins and she stopped. It can be a sign of many things but vitamin deficiency is one..

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  • Lurker from June here. I have an 8 year old dog with a serious medical condition, and now a 3 week old. It can be so hard to figure out how to divide your time.

    When is the last time you have had blood work done? Anemia (which my dog has), leukemia/cancer or a tumor are all possibilities. Nosebleeds can be signs of serious issues, or they can just be due to allergies or dry air. Granted, she is 12, so you probably don't want to put her through anything extensive, but it's worth getting her checked out so that you can make her comfortable.You clearly won't want her to suffer, so I'd find out what is going on sooner rather than later.

    If you can have your husband watch the baby for a while so you can spend some quality time with pup, I'd jump on it. It will help both you and the pup. Good thoughts to you!

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