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bassinet to crib

Baby boy just turned 4 months on wednesday. He sleeps great in his bassinet he has since he was about 6 weeks. His room isn't far from mine and I want to put him in his crib but I'm getting so nervous just thinking about it. Has anyone else gone through this. I'm EBF Stay at home mom. I'm a little attatched. Also its getting very hot now. I don't want to put an AC in his room so I'm thinking of just having one for the whole upstairs. Which is making me not want to move him at all I know the sooner the better though

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  • No advice, just wanted to commiserate. I am also EBF'ing, a SAHM, and DS is outgrowing his bassinet.

    His room is on the second floor and ours is on the third, so that adds to my dread of moving him. Luckily DH and I are on the same page about this; we both like having DS nearby.
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  • Is it an option for you to move the crib into your room? My DS outgrew his bassinet around 8 weeks and at that point we moved his crib into our room. I'm also EBFing and a little attached. But also a lot of what I've read recommends keeping LO's in the same room with us until they are at least 6 months. DS is almost 5 months but I too don't want to put AC in his room so I plan on keeping him in our room at least until the fall. 
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  • I made the transition from bassinet in our room to crib in nursery when DD was 6wks. It was hard at first, I was always checking on her. She sleeps a lot better, STTN since. Her room is very close to ours. I also EBF and a SAHM. I started out having her take all her naps in her crib at 5wks then naps and bedtime at 6 wks. I'm not sure what were going to do with the heat yet...
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