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cytotec to pass empty sac.

have any of you  ever been  prescribed cytotec? if so how long did it take to start working? thanks. it would be very helpful.

Re: cytotec to pass empty sac.

  • I took it (well, the generic Misoprostol) last week.  I ended up needing to take two doses because 2/3rds of the first dose I took passed nearly undisolved - I have no idea how because it seems impossible but I saw it myself - 8 hours after I took it.

    I felt mild cramps within the hour after taking it. I was squirming around in pain by 4 hours. By 6 hours after I took the prescription pain killers I'd been ordered because without them I wouldn't have been able to sleep. 8 hours later I was feeling pain-free. I went to the toilet and passed a big clot with small somethings in it. Two of those somethings were pills. I may have passed the sac then, but I am not sure.  There was a round something.

    Because I wasn't sure my doctor had me take another dose the next morning - it was about 18 hours later. That dose didn't really give me much of anything until almost 12 hours later. I had cramping for about an hour then it let up and again I passed another large clot with small somethings.

    After all of that I had heavy-ish bleeding for a few days.

    There are a ton of Cytotec/Misoprostol stories on this board and on TTCAL. If you search the site or use google with "site:community.thebump.com" for Cytotec or Misoprotsol and miscarriage, you'll get a lot of great info and full experiences. 

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