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Bfing and Alcohol

So first time poster but long time reader hereFirst let me say all the abbreviations on here are ridiculous..I need a special bump dictionary for all of them hahaha. Second is my real problem...as everyone knows it's summertime and what's better in the summer than a few cold beers or couple glass of crisp white wine right???Well since I decided to BF these things do not go together. So I was wondering all you Bfing and lover of spirit moms out there what your solution is?? my little girl is 6 wks and I'd love to have a few beers or glasses of wine at night without worrying if a little alcohol in her milk is really the end of the world. I've read everything online that says 1 is fine but u should wait 2 hrs after 2 drinks..3 for 3 drinks and so on and so forth. I've also ready pumping and dumping isn't necessary...
Now alot of the info on the Internet is very judge mental on this subject so Pls go easy on me I just wanna hear ppls opinion on this subject..thanks!!!

Re: Bfing and Alcohol

  • I don't BF, but I think there are test strips to test the alcohol content in the milk before you feed. Like 20 bucks a box?? I remember looking at them when I was still breast feeding. I would think pumping and dumping makes sense, but I don't know too much. Sorry, I'm sure that wasn't much help!
  • It is longer than that, more like 2 hours for one glass and 4 hours for two.  I have had two glasses of wine and used the test strips, it took 4.5 hours to be clear of alcohol.  So prep a bottle of expressed milk if you want more than one glass
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  • Did u pump and dump at all??
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    Did u pump and dump at all??

    if you can wait it out you don't have too, you body will process it out of the milk, but if you are too uncomfortable you can pump and dump a little just to get the pressure off. 

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    Last night I went out for dinner with the girls. I had 2 margaritas on happy hour (6-7 pm)and then a glass of sangria at another bar at about 8 pm. I BFat a little after 10 pm. I think it was fine. I don't think the margaritas had much alcohol in them because I felt completely fine after drinking them and I haven't had hard alcohol in about a year. 

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  • The whole pump and dump is only if you are too full and uncomfortable. Only express or pump enough to feel comfortible. Or if you need to pump in place of a feeding to keep your supply. Your body will process the alcohol out of your system and your milk.
    I have had two nights with wine. Here is how I feel comfortible doing it. I pump every few days so there is always at least two feedings worth of milk ready in case I want a drink with dinner or go out without LO. I feed her right before dinner enjoy my wine and she gets a bottle if she gets hungry. So it is at least three or more hours. If I feel any affects she gets bottle. I have never felt too full and had to pump.
    You have to figure out what works for you.
  • Iam EPing and have a beer every night and then wait 2 hours before pumping. I have read also that it takes about one hour to process the beer I drank out of my milk, but  I choose to wait at least 2 hrs.  
  • Personally I am okay with having one glass of wine or one beer and breastfeeding a couple hours later. A beer can even help boost milk supply. I won't be drinking more than that because to me it's not worth the risk (and I don't need more than one anyway).

    The LC who taught our BF class said the test strips are a waste of money - that was her opinion. She said stick with one drink and you'd be fine. 

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  • My LO pedi told me if I feel fine to drive I should be fine to feed. I follow that.
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    My LO pedi told me if I feel fine to drive I should be fine to feed. I follow that.

    This is always what I heard.  Also, it takes about an hour per drink for alcohol to oxidize out of your system.  It only takes longer if you have more than one per hour. 


  • My LC told me to follow the same rules as drinking and driving. If I have a drink or two and I feel I can't drive then don't BF. if I feel ok to drive then its ok to BF.
    Bradley Houston - 04.01.13
  • The standard is a drink an hour, so what you've read is correct.

    If you already know the correct protocol I don't understand what you're asking here, are you asking if it's ok to cheat and nurse while tipsy?

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  • Relax and have a drink, just be smart about it. No more than 2 drinks and alcohol no more than 3 nights a week. 
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  • My midwife said one is fine and that the best time to drink was actually while you're feeding. The alcohol doesn't have time to get into the milk at that feeding and should be out of your system by the next one.
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  • I follow the "if you can drive, you can nurse" mentality myself... I also try and pay attn and not do more than 1 an hour, I never have more than 2 unless she's getting a bottle, and I do have the strips! someone gave them to me as a gift! I have used then a couple times and so far this methodology is working fine.

    But here's the thing. Anything more than a drunk sucks all of hydration right out of me and leaves me feeling like crap. I am sure this is bc most of my liquid is already being sucked out in feedings.....it makes drinking not worth it...::Mobile sad face:::
    Anyone else have this issue? And even drinking water with drinks does not help me. It's brutal.

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  • I think the stuff you read online isn't judgmental, its probably realistic. I was a huge beer drinker before I got pregnant and couldn't wait till I had the baby so I could drink my precious IPA again. But the reality is, baby comes first. And his liver is too immature to handle even a little alcohol. So i really cannot sit have more than 2 beers in one sitting. After 2, I wait at least 3 hours till feeding again. Plus you have to make sure you've pumped enough for baby to be fed bottles during that tine. Meanwhile, youre getting engorged from missing feedings. Pumping and dumping feels like a huge waste. So I think having one is OK, two is a pain, and anything more than that is just plain not worth it. You still have to feed throughout the night right?
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    I was told in the BFing class that I took that one (4-5 oz) glass of wine or one beer is ok to have while BFing. I have been treating myself to a glass of wine a night and don't worry about it. We are going out for our anniversary tomorrow night and will probably split a bottle of wine, so I will just have an extra bottle ready for when I get home since there will probably be some in my milk. 

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