I just pumped for 20 minutes and what came out of my left side looked like cloudy water. The right side looked like normal milk, but not the left side. What is going on? The weather is warm, but I don't think my milk should be that clear. Yesterday LO spit up what looked like pure water and she had a very watery poop, so this doesn't appear to be an isolated incident. HELP! How can I fix it?

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  • How old is your LO?  How often do you pump/breastfeed?

    Foremilk can indeed be very water. If you were engorged before pumping, you're more likely to get mostly foremilk. If it is warm, foremilk is also more likely - but I'm guessing it was a long time since your last feeding?  Do you have an over supply?

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    LO is 6 weeks. I pump as needed--a few times a week. she was at grammy's and i was out. She nurses every 2-3 hours. It was a little long between feedings, but I didn't think it was that bad. I wasn't uncomfortable. I don't think I have an oversupply at this time. I was feeling like my body had really regulated. I stopped leaking recently. FTM here and feeling pretty clueless. 
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  • I'm definitely not a medical expert.  When you put the milk in the fridge, were you able to see the foremilk AND the hind milk?  For me, the foremilk is thinner than the hind milk.  Maybe you didn't pump long enough to get the hind milk??

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