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Fighting sleep at nap time??? Anyone else?

Anyone else having sleep problems? My LO will normally wake up at 9, eat, then nap from about 11-3, then eat again, nap again and eat at 7, then he goes down for the night, wakes up at 11 to eat, and then sleeps through the night until 9am again. The past few days, he has completely resisted any daytime naps, but will fall asleep readily at 7 and 11. Anybody have any secrets on how to get baby to nap and stop fighting sleep? I know he's tired, but he just wants to fight it! :(
Melissa Lynn

Re: Fighting sleep at nap time??? Anyone else?

  • I am having a hell of a time with DS today.  I only got 10 mins in the crib this morning. Right now I finally got him to sleep in his crib but its only been about 15 mins lol fingers crossed we get at least 45.
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  • Do you have a nap time routine? We have a nap time routine which is basically an abbreviated bedtime routine. It took a while for establish it because for a long time we only had a bedtime routine. DS napped wherever. Now that all of his sleeps happen in the same spot with basically the same routine he goes down in like 5 minutes and I'm able to put him down awake at night and he puts himself right to sleep. He knows exactly what to expect and I think it makes him feel more secure.

    If your already doing this, then hopefully it's just a stage that will pass! 

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  • How old is he? You could try shortening his awake time and adding more stimulation during waketime. He could be overtired. My LO can only stay awake for an hour and a half before needing a nap. Just a thought!
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  • emd886emd886
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    For the past week my LO has been fighting sleep sooo hard! He starts yelling when he is tired and he yells (no crying just yelling) the entire time I try to put him to sleep until he eventually passes out. I've tried putting him down sooner, letting him stay up longer. It doesnt matter he does not want to sleep! Its so frustrating! He came down with a cold yesterday and hes so tired that his yell to fight sleep is more a lot of moaning.
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  • I thought I had a routine, lol. I think it may just be a stage, because I have literally tried EVERYTHING. Ive tried rocking, walking, driving, gripe water, regular water in a bottle, I am out of ideas. I KNOW he is tired, because I can see it in his eyes, but he just refuses to nap. I think he's teething also, I gave him some baby oragel but he HATED that. And he isnt really interested in teething rings yet, bc he doesnt know to hold it in his mouth. :( :( :(
    Melissa Lynn
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