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S/O onesies: Socks

When you take your baby out somewhere (grocery store, shopping, doctor), do you put socks (or shoes) on them? We usually don't unless it's chilly and we worry about his feet getting cold, and sometimes we get comments from random people about how he's barefoot, like somehow it's inappropriate. I always figured the concept of "no shirt, no shoes, no service" didn't apply to 3 month olds.
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Re: S/O onesies: Socks

  • Now that it's 80+ degrees, no socks for my little guy.  If it were in the 60's or below, i'd put socks on him.  Less little socks to lose when i'm doing laundry.

  • We do if its cold today it was 80 and we didn't. I do have adorable loafers and boat shoes I put on them but only because they're cute not because they need them lol
  • I don't put socks on her when it's hot. If it's cool enough for me to be wearing socks, or if her feet feel cold, I'll put socks on her. Otherwise she goes barefoot. I don't think that's inappropriate or weird for a baby at all.
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  • No, not unless it was really cold, and usually footie sleepers then.  When they are walking age I will. 




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  • We are not big on shoes/socks, so only when it's cold.  My sister always puts shoes and socks on her LO (only a month older than DS)
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  • We're in the no sock camp. Even when its chilly (as chilly as it gets in CA!) she doesn't seem to mind.
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  • If it's chilly I'll put socks on him, but it's been over 90 for a few days here, so no way. But even when it's chilly he has started kicking them off any time I put them on anyway, so I often just tuck a blanket around his feet instead.
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  • It's funny you mention shoes: my paediatrician advises not to put shoes on them until a year old. I told this to a mother shopping for shoes one day when she randomly told me that she can never find shoes that fit her infant properly... It was funny watching her walk away from the shoe section after that. We put socks on constantly, but that's because we are in Canada and our hot summer seems to be on a major delay. He's gone out without socks maybe twice. 
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  • DD always wears socks except when we were in AZ earlier this month. ;)  If it gets above 75 this summer I'll leave them off.  But here in WA, even if the high is 75-80, it's usually 55-60 in the morning.  That's cold to me for bare baby toes!
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  • Lol, love your no shirt analogy! Out depends on where we're going. Now that it is warm I'm less likely to put socks on him. if we are going some place notoriously cold like our fav coffee shop then I'll use socks.and i always have a pate in the diaper bag just in case.
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