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Fat and nervous

Greetings, ladies.  I'm planning to get pregnant this summer but I'm obese.  I've tried losing weight - so many times.  It just never seems to work.  I'm healthy... normal bp, sugar, cholesterol, etc... but I read so many horrible things about obesity and pregnancy.  Despite my good health, am I putting myself and future baby at risk just by being obese?  Should I be trying harder or do something more drastic or will I be okay? My mom is putting the fear of God in me by sending me all these articles... I mean, I eat well, you know?  I abide by the "rainbow" rule and eat as many colors from fruits and veggies as I can stomach.  I try hard to get enough of the nutrients I need.  I just really, really love food and I love cooking.  I'm going to step up my exercise here this month, start yoga, and I'm going to see a preconception holistic health therapist, so I really care about my body and I want to do my best to be healthy for myself and my family.

Any other BBWs out there who are pregnant and healthy?  Are your doctors nice and compassionate?  Do you feel good and is your baby healthy?

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    I suggest meeting with your doctor before trying. They can probably provide you some realistic advice on what risks you face and options for weight loss. I've heard good things about MediFast. A friend of mine was obese and wanted to have a baby and she lost a lot of weight on Medifast and was able to have a healthy pregnancy. Definitely talk to a doctor though, there are real risks to being obese and pregnant and you need to face them before jumping in to it. 
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  • I agree with the first post.  Talk to your doctor before trying.  Get a trainer or a workout friend.  Definitely talk to your doctor to make a plan.  You've got the right mentality of wanting to be healthy. 
  • It is so great that you are thinking about this! Even if you aren't at your "ideal" weight before you get pregnant, try your best to continue to exercise while you are pregnant. It will be so good for you and baby in the long run! I have never been a fan of fad diets and believe in eating whole foods and exercising daily. It is a lifestyle change, and you can do it! Good luck and keep us posted.







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  • Thanks everyone!  My doctor recommended I lose 5-10% of my body weight which is totally feasible.  It would be impossible to get to my "ideal weight" before I get pregnant.  I'm on a timeline!  I want my body in good enough condition so I don't damage my baby (or myself).  I'm thinking I'll get a lap band when I'm done birthing children... My insurance covers it.  I asked my doctor if she thought I should do it before getting pregnant and she advised me to wait.  Better to be obese and pregnant than to have nutrition restricted while preggers.  So that's my plan.  I feel confident about it :) Gonna work really hard the next couple months!  August will be my first IUI with donor sperm.
  • It's great that your wanting to be healthier before having a baby.  Work out buddies, a great support system and just get in a routine are my recomendations.  As far as the lap band goes, I had mine for 7 years before conceiving.  Once you are pregnant your doctor would most likely take out a couple ounces so you can eat a normal amount of healthy foods again and would refill you once you fealt ready. If you did get the lapband before pregnancy, you are usually asked to wait a year before becoming pregnant. Either way, keep up the hard work!

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