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10 week appt, what a relief!

Today was my 10 week checkup with my OB.  I was so nervous just because I haven't had any appts for 4 weeks, I have a previous mc, etc so I wanted to make sure everything was good.

As soon as I expressed my anxiety, the doc put away the doppler and said he would try a quickie ultrasound instead to ease my mind.  What a champ!  :)  He turned it on and we immediately saw the baby (looking much more baby-like than last time)...but for the first 15-20 seconds I didn't see any movement or heartbeat.  I started mentally FREAKING OUT and the doctor wasn't saying anything as he looked around.  FINALLY, crazy little nugget kicked a leg and my heart leaped.  Soon after the doc found the heartbeat flickering away.  It was an older machine so it just took him some time to pinpoint it.  I have not been that happy in a long time!!

Doc says everything looks great and he thinks I'm out of the primary "danger zone" so he hopes I will relax between now and my next appointment.  PHEW.  I feel so much better than I did this morning. 

-DS #1 due 7/1/11, born 7/7/11
-m/c Feb 2013 at 4w6d
-DS #2 due 12/24/13, born 12/11/13

Re: 10 week appt, what a relief!

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