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Nursing is like...

slamming your nipples in a car door every 2 hours! LOL I know it gets better but oh man this little girl is rough!

Re: Nursing is like...

  • It does get much better.  Just use lanolin cream on your nipples and it will get better.

  • My little girl has a strong mouth too, she even gives herself nursing blisters. I agree with pp about the cream and also nipple shields help if your already sore and need some relief for feed time.

  • I was going to say it is like the game hungry hungry hippos...

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  • It really does get easier though so don't give up. I'm day 10 now and it's starting to only hurt for about two seconds until she begins nursing.
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    I feel you. Nursing hurts for me the entire time he's feeding. I met with an LC to double check his latch, which was perfect. I suggest you doing the same if you havent already. No one knows what the cause of my pain is. The LC and nurse think its scar tissue from a breast reduction surgery that hurts. I'm hoping it, breaks up and I'm just surviving the pain in the meantime. Good luck to you!
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  • Amen sister friend. Even with a great latch this little guy has torn me to shreds. The first minute on each side is pure torture.

    I have soothies which are awesome and I numb my nipples with an ice pack before each feed.

    People are right. It gets so much easier in just a few weeks just like everything else. I can't wait.


  • It also helps to hand express a little breast milk when you are done and rub that into your nip. That was a lifesaver for me!
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  • image snowgirl427:
    I was going to say it is like the game hungry hungry hippos...

    Ha! I call my guy a hungry hippo when he's eating. It's ridiculous!


  • Nursing WILL be like someone pulling lightly on your earlobe by 6 weeks PP if not before then.....I promise!  I've nursed all 3 of my kids and although each time it hurt for me in the first few weeks, it will get to where it doesn't hurt at all.  Plus, you'll stop leaking, and the baby will start sleeping for longer stretches.  I remember being miserable with my first, but with the second and third, you really do realize how short the tough weeks are, and know it will improve before you know it.  GL!

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  • My DD is killing me 2 days PP. she even bruised one of my nipples. If she were my first baby, I'd be crying and want to give up already. But because I know it gets better, it's easier to take it.

    So FTMs... Hang in there. It may take a week to a few weeks, but when it does get better... It will be worth it.
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  • image snowgirl427:
    I was going to say it is like the game hungry hungry hippos...

    hilarity! I opted to pump more frequently than breast feed and Lord oh Lord I'm two months in....he like to pull himself off the nipple and nip at it to get back on it....mega ouch


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  • Using a nipple shield really helps me when I feel like I just can't take it (like when I'm half asleep in the middle of the night!!)  It has gotten better though.. it usually only hurts for the first minute or two.
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