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My 4 weeks old has slept 6 hours per night for the last few days, awesome! (she eats every two hours during the day and has plenty of dirty diapers) I got a little engorged but was so exhausted I didn't get up to pump. Today, I have vomiting, flu like symptoms and diareah, and. 100 degree temp. And my boobs hurt! Culd it be mastitis or flu? Has anyone had vomiting/diareah with mastitis? Also, if she is sleeping 6 hours sold I get up and pump ifi feel engorged? Pump a little or empty breast? Thanks for your help! 

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  • I don't know if you have the flu or mastitis but I would pump if you are feeling engorged...maybe just pump a little is what I would do. I do know that when I had mastitis my breast was read and warm to the touch.
  • I would call your Dr.  You don't want to mess with mastitis.

    If you pump just pump till comfort, even better hand expel till you are comfortable.  If you pump till you are empty your body will continue to make more milk for that time, so you will continue to get engorged.

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  • I never got up to pump.  Your body adjust in a few days.  If it's too painful, hand express a little.  I don't think vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of mastitis, but I would go to the dr. anyhow if you can.  If it's the flu or something they might can give you tamiflu.  You don't want to get dehydrated.  Try to drink some gatorade or something if you can.  Feel better soon.
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    Thanks ladies! I am calling dr today, I really appreciate the advice!
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