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Late night

135 pumping.
I'm ready for a nap.


I have a brother. Older. He's on his second tour in Afghanistan. He's married too. No kids.

Work? What?
Until October I taught MLS computer systems to realtors. Now a SAHM.

Dream job?
I think I'd like to go back to teaching elementary school. Maybe 2nd or 3rd.

What would you be eating right now?
Cheesecake or prime rib!!! I'm always hungry especially pumping.


My little miracle.

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Re: Late night

  • mj0011mj0011
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    Just when I was feeling smug about the 4 month wakefuls.....

    I have a younger sister, married, 2 kids.

    I'm a nurse (ortho/neuro)

    NICU nurse is my dream job

    ice cream!  


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  • image zonagirlie:


    1 sister, 22 wants to be a nurse. 1 brother, 24 wants to be. ....... ?

    Work? What?
    Before mat leave I was a lead therapist for autistic kids. Now I will run the office for the same company because it is more hours and money.

    Dream job?
    Therapist. Relationships or sex, something along those lines.

    What would you be eating right now?
    white hot chocolate and a cookie from a local coffee joint, dH went there for me tonight but there machines were down. Sad face.


    R went down at 7. Can't remember the last time that happened. She woke at 9 hungry and she went back down about a half an hour ago.
  • DCKateDCKate
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    DD slept from 12:30 to 4:30 and is already back down after a bottle and a change. Night 2 in the crib is actually going ok! Which is good, because last night wasn't and I am so tired. My husband is on call at the hospital tonight and I was trying to get work done while she napped.....which was never.


    Younger brother and younger sister.

    Work? What?
    Democratic political fundraiser.

    Dream job?
    I'm a three day event rider, so it would be cool to run my own farm!

    What would you be eating right now?
    Is like to be eating a burger or a steak and a glass of red wine!! Maybe just the wine.
    Our little Samosa arrives in January!
  • 3:40 here
    Up for A normal feedingr. He still wakes every 2 hours

    1 sister. No kids. 1 half sister. Never met her....

    Work? What?
    Until Jan. I was an office Manager Now a SAHM.

    Dream job?
    I would love to be a teacher :

    What would you be eating right now?
    Cupcakes, fruit torts and dark chocolate with a glass of wine. Alas my waist line : I am trying to shrink it :so none off tthat 4 me
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  • jcar2jcar2
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    I am so jealous of the mamas whose LO wakes up 1 to 2 times a night. DS has never sttn. But here lately he'll sleep for 23 hours and then be up every hour after that. I feel like I'm barely functioning. I don't understand why he's not sleeping.

    Sibling: a brother

    Job: I'm a tax accountant

    Dream Job: something fun and not stressful... Maybe even sahm so I could be with DS all day

    Food: I have no idea. Something warm

    ETA: changed it to say 1 to 2 times a night, not 12. Stupid bump mobile
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