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Hi all, I've been all over TB (from over 35 and pregnant, to preemie, to special needs) and now here I am. I just noticed this group.

I have a 3 yr old DS who I cannot imagine life without. My husband and I have been married for two and a half years now (we were together for 14 yrs before we got married). I am a cook but hopefully not for too much longer because in this field having the weekend off to hang out with my family is unheard of. I recently graduated with my associates in Office Management, I am now working on my bachelors in supv and management. I plan to start job hunting after DS starts pre-school in August. Hopefully I can get a job where I can incorporate my over 10 years experience in the hospitality field. I look forward to meeting you all.

Please ignore my ticker I have tried a few times to change it but find that it takes too much effort so I left it :-)

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  • Welcome to the board!  I can completely understand wanting to switch careers...missing family weekends would be tough.

    Your ticker is funny...192 weeks pregnant!  Although it's kind of nice to be able to see just how many weeks you have had with your DS.  

  • *faints at 192 weeks pregnant* haha!

    Welcome, glad ya joined us!

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  • Hi & welcome!
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  • Hi & Welcome!  I wish you luck on your job hunt.  I want to say that it is possible to find a job where you can incorporate your experience from the hospitality field in an "office" setting.  My DH was in the restaurant business from the age of 16.  He ultimately opened his own restaurant in his 20s, and after some time he decided it was not the life he wanted.  He then entered the "corporate" world.  He works for a company that does food service in hospitals, colleges, office buildings, etc...  He took an entry level position and worked his way up in the company.  He is currently a chef manager.  But with a company like his there are endless positions, cooking and non-cooking.  
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    Hi and Welcome! I am new to this board too.
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  • Hi there. I just joined this board recently and rather enjoy it. Hope you have lots of luck with your job hunt! 

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  • Thanks for the warm welcome I feel like I have been with this group for a while already. 

    @PP a friend of mine suggested a company like you mentioned as well as doing sales for food distribution companies where, thank God u don't need to have a sales background just the right attitude and a food service background.

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