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How quickly did you get rid of clothes that LO has grown out of?

DH and I had both always agreed on OND.  As soon as I could after LO arrived I got rid of my maternity clothes.  But now that LO is starting to outgrow his newborn clothes, I find myself a little more hesitant to get rid of the clothes.  I hope this is just the breast feeding hormones and if I find some one to pass the clothes onto that I will be ready to do so. 

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Re: How quickly did you get rid of clothes that LO has grown out of?

  • If you really have a hard time actually getting rid of them, just pass them to a close friend.  IF you do change your mind about OND down the road, they would hopefully pass them back.  If you're not ready, hang onto them until you are.  I found I was a bit sentimental about my maternity clothes, too. 

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  • I do not have a problem letting them go. I have a coworker from Haiti who I give them to whenever the bag gets full. I however kept all his first like his first onesie, one pair of socks from the first pack I bought, his christening outfit etc.
  • I held on to most of our stuff until she was about a year and a half, but we didn't decide to be one and done until she was 9 months. At that point a lot of her things were already in plastic totes in the basement, so I just left them there. I did go through and give a bunch of items to my cousin, and the rest I sold or donated.

    I still have all of my maternity clothes. While I am sure that I don't want anymore kids, I still struggle with the fact I will never experience pregnancy again... so when we had our garage sale at the end of last summer and no one bought my maternity stuff I packed it up and kept it. Maybe when we go through for the sale this year I will be able to part with it. 

  • I'm saving all of her clothes in good condition for her. My mom saved mine for me. She's worn some of my stuff and it's fun to have side by side pictures of her and me in the same outfit!
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  • I still have the majority of her clothes.  The only clothes I've donated were some second-hand clothes that someone insisted I take.  I'm ok with getting rid of some of the bigger gear, but I still have an attachment to her clothes and can't bring myself to get rid of them.  Some I will never get rid of (mainly her preemie and newborn clothes, and all of her smocked stuff) because I have an even stronger attachment to them, and hope that maybe I'll be able to pass them down to a grandchild someday.
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    I've kept a few things from when she was really wee, but passed along a big box of stuff a long time ago to a friend who had a girl.

    You don't have to get rid of everything! Keep the outfits that have the most meaning to you. 

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  • I have three huge tubs full of DS' clothing. I've been sorting, organizing, & selling here & there. Some just hold more special meaning/memories that we'll never get rid of but other generic things, we've sold to make more space. Totally normal though.
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  • We kept them until she was about a year old. We weren't sure if we were OAD, but it got to be too much. The black garbage bags were filling up her closet. I figured IF we changed our minds, we could just buy more clothes. I gave them all to my friend who was pg at the time.

    I was sad looking at the NB clothes, but it felt good to purge


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  • I'm swimming in clothes right now and feel like they are taking over!  We have been borrowing most of them to friends that can use them but they always migrate back to us.  My current plan is to go through everything, pick out the special pieces that he may want someday and when the next person borrows the rest are going to be instructed to deal with it from there.  I don't want it back!!
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    Kind of immediately... but then it returns. I have a neighbor with twins that are 3 months younger and I pass most of my stuff to her then she gives it back when they're done. I have it all in like 4 giant tubs with the intention of selling the whole lot at a mom to mom sale this summer or a garage sale if I can get it together. My son has burned through clothes insanely quickly so I've had zero nostalgia about any of them.
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  • I go through DS's closet about once every 6 weeks or so and take out the things he has outgrown. I donate most of it, toss the yucky things with a lot of stains, and keep the items that are sentimental to us. I kept the first outfit we bought home after my anatomy scan, his going home outfit, his "My First Easter" onesie, etc.
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  • I store everything first then get rid of it within 6 months or when the tote gets full. I keep the outfits I want for memories but everything else goes up for sale.

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    Like PPs mentioned, this will not just be a one time thing! I cycle through clothes every six months or so, and have to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to pass on.  It's kind of a pain! I do keep things that were especially cute, expensive, or sentimental.  There is a chance my daughter might use them for her own children, and it's not hard to store a bin or two. 

    Anecdotally, my parents kept a few clothes of mine and I get such a huge kick out of seeing my girl wear my old Culture Club t-shirt and other sentimental faves.   

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  • We kept the first batch for about nine months, until the next baby girl in our family came along. Then, the wonderful hand-me-down process began. Now, we pass down a box pretty much the minute DD outgrows something.

    I kept a few items that were special to me, what she wore home from the hospital, first Christmas outfit, that sort of thing. Everything else is out the door and someone else's storage problem.

  • We have NO space in our apartment to store stuff we're not using so luckily my SIL is expecting a little one soon and she has lots of room in her house.  We will drive stuff out to her and she can use it for her baby and then store for us until we are 110% about OAD.  I think I want to make the decision by the time L is 2.
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  • I got rid of my maternity things very quickly. I was sick of wearing them! If we do have another, I will gladly purchase a few basic tshirts and jeans. DS's little baby items are gone. I do have a tub of winter items that I'm not going to consign / donate till at least August. No one buys soso sweatshirts in June :
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  • DH preferred one child but would have gone along with me for number two. We had to do IVF to get pregnant with our LO. My thought had been that we would not pursue fertility treatments for a second child and if it happened, it happened, if it didn't, so be it.

    Then I had a pregnancy that was not easy or enjoyable. I was exhausted all the time and I had issues with borderline high blood pressure. Things came to a head at the bitter end of my pregnancy. I developed Pree and HELLP Syndrome. While recovering, the OB who delivered my son asked if my husband and I were planning to have more children. Even without discussing our final decision with my husband he was in Iraq, I told the doctor that we were OD. The look of relief on his face was evident. He was planning to talk me out of any future pregnancies and was thankful that he didn't have to. I had a tubal ligation done when LO was 17 months old.

    That said, I have a difficult time giving away LO's clothes. I take great care in selecting his clothes. I want them to go to someone who will enjoy dressing her son in the items that I lovingly shopped for. I know that they are just clothes, but I'm attached.
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  • I started getting rid of them when DH and I had made our final decision to be OAD and he got a vasectomy. I held onto all of them until we made that decision just in case we changed our minds...I keep certain pieces though for his baby box like his coming home outfit, baptismal outfit, birthday t-shirts etc. I consign all of his other clothes though and make a little bit of money on the side! It's nice! :)
  • I am holding on to everything of Calvin's that I like. I think that while I'm seriously considering being OAD, I'm not completely committed. I have to admit that in theory I would be sad to never have another baby to fill such little clothes again; in practice, however, I might be very happy about it.
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  • I get rid of Pnina's ASAP. I give them to friends. I like designer clothing for both me and my daughter so I have no trouble getting rid of the clothes either.

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