Water shoes for small toddler

My daughter is 15 months old is a fairly small child--she's about 20 lbs and has just started walking, but she mostly prefers to crawl/scoot for transportation.  Her school is starting "splash days" and I'm having a heck of a time finding appropriate shoes.  Her daycare requires water shoes or crocs...however, I'm having a heck of a time finding these things in her size.  She's a size 2--moving up to a 3 soon, but she's not quite there.

I haven't found anything suitable for her at Target/Zappos/Amazon and I think I definitely need something sized, as anything that is "small" is way too large for my peanut. I'd rather not spend a ton and I'd prefer water shoes, as I think those may be best for the beach and pool, as well as daycare.  Any suggestions on where to find these shoes? 

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Re: Water shoes for small toddler

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