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Today has been utter sshite. Long whine.

Baby boy woke up after seven hours of sleep fine. I thought the shots were done and over with and nary a casualty. Nope. About two hours after he woke up he started getting whiny and fussy and it just to worse until he projectile vomited all over us both. I took his temp and he was 100.1. He refused to drink anything for hours. Spat the Tylenol all over. He just wanted to be held and talked to all day. Usually I'm down with that but I need to go get that Xray and pack. Today I accomplished one load of laundry because I got him to fall asleep in the swing for 15 mins.
I'm so tired guys. I did nothing but I'm exhausted and I smell like sour milk. I'm so tired I don't want to change. He's finally down beside me in bed and I'm actually thinking of telling Mr not to call because my talking will wake the baby. I miss him though. I seriously need a hug so bad!
Everything has woken him up. The cat meowing, car engines, lights, me sneezing. Usually he can sleep through trains!
And an acquaintance made some offhanded comment about me always posting on fb and that when she had a newborn she never let herself play online bc she was cleaning and organizing. That she would have "mom guilt" if she played online. I now feel like I'm useless and a postwhore. I post so much so my husband can see his son but apparently I'm perceived as a PW not a good wife helping her hubs out.
And I have cramps. First time in 13 mos. I'm not ready for this!
And I have to travel with my in laws Friday to share my husband whom I only see every few weeks with them. And they want to be tourist so ill be forced to walk a s ill have to pump in bathrooms so as not to slow down everyone else. Not to me toon ill have people grabbing him.
I feel so blaaaaaah.
I wanna get off the ride!!!! I need a freakin nap!!!!
Thank you if you read all that.


My little miracle.

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Re: Today has been utter sshite. Long whine.

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