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What is everyone's current occupation and are you planning on going back to work after the baby or staying home?
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Re: Occupation

  • I am an Executive Assistant and Marketing Manager in commercial real estate and plan on going back after I have the baby. I only work 9-3, pretty pie job. Big Smile
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  • Supervisor/manager in a hospital. I plan to go back after taking my full maternity leave.
  • Amac7Amac7
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    Area processing manager for a mortgage company. I plan on going back to work. I don't have an office per se so I work all over, including at home.
  • I'm a stay at home mom and I'm pretty sure I'll keep working after this baby :P
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  • Hospital Administrator and yes I will be going back once the new baby arrives.  I will take 12 weeks off. 


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  • Right now I only coach gymnastics which I will be returning to. I'm also hoping to find a teaching position as a special education teacher or a position as an early intervention specialist soon.
  • J&amp;PJaxJ&PJax
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    I'm a speech pathologist and behavior specialist.  I was fortunate enough to go down to 2 days per week in a school district this school year after the birth of DD (part of the reason we waited so long to have children, we knew this is what we wanted to do).  I'm trying to figure out a way to not have to go back until the beginning of the 2014-15 school year after this one, but may have to go back for a couple of months before summer break.
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  • Massage therapist in a chiropractor office. I'm going to keep working as much as I can. It's only 3 to 6 hours per week anyways. More if I want. Easy job, lol.
  • I am a nursing home administrator. I have told the director of ops that I will only be taking 6 weeks I'm wondering if that was a good idea or not! Not even sure I can find daycare for a 6 week old.
  • Dog groomer. And yes, I'll be returning. 
  • Oh, I hate this question....

    I'm a molecular geneticist with a MBA... I mainly work in biopharma across a broad set of areas but my niche areas are business development (mergers & acquisitions/licensing) and pipeline & clinical trial strategy and design. My primary therapeutic area is oncology, but I've also worked in CNS (mostly Alzheimer's Disease) and infectious disease.

    I'm currently freelancing, though if the right opportunity presents itself would consider accepting a new full time role.

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  • image Lauren79:

    Hospital Administrator and yes I will be going back once the new baby arrives.  I will take 12 weeks off. 

    I have been toying around with the idea of going back to school for my Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration for Hospital Administration. I already have a ton in student loans though, so I have been putting it off!

    I am currently a Nursing Home Administrator for a 91 bed dually certified NF and SNF and 14 unit Assisted Living.

    ETA: I will be returning to work after 8-9 weeks of maternity leave.

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  • SAHM and I intend to continue as one.
  • I manage hazardous waste sites. I will be going back after this my third baby. Basically an office job not too many exposure issues.
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  • I'm a 5th grade teacher. Right now, I'm planning on taking at least 3 months. DH and I are looking at finances to see if I can be a SAHM for a year or two. 
  • I'm in pharmaceuticals. I'm taking 18 weeks off. 


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  • Accountant. I work part time for a family business so pretty flexible and I'll continue to do so after.
  • Content manager for a news website. Still deciding to go back or stay ta home with the LO.
  • I'm a hairdresser. I work in a great salon and plan to go back part time, but it's going to be tough trying to figure it all out. What I'd bring in with less hours would probably just barely cover what we'd spend in child care.

    DH is pushing for me to open a salon at home, which is what I've planned to do in the future anyways, just not so soon.
  • lpo198lpo198
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    I'm a SAHM and I do book keeping part time from home. I'll continue to do so after this lo is born.
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  • Interior Designer with an Architectural firm. Secretly plan on going on maternity leave, and hopefully finding a better firm closer to home, and saying seeeee ya!
  • Graphic design and marketing for a small family business, I also freelance photography and graphics.  I've been part-time since DD was born in 2011, and I'll probably be even more infrequently working, if at all, after this one. 
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  • I'm a hairstylist. I plan on going back for sure, it's so flexible where I work. I pretty much make my own hours and can work whenever it's convenient for me. I'm pretty lucky in that respect. But no maternity leave..just one week vacation pay. Awesome.
  • ermimacermimac
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    I work as a special education teacher. I will take about 9 weeks off, return for a couple days, and then we have mid winter break. I would love to take the rest of the year off, but it's not feasible for us.
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  • Occupational therapist specializing in the geriatric population and children. Love both ends of the spectrum : will take 6 weeks as my husband is a SAHD!



  • RJay13RJay13 member
    I do marketing for a big wine/spirits company. Unfortunately, I have to return after a 12 week maternity leave. I work from home full time though so its not so bad I guess. 
  • I'm a doctor. I'll go back full time, but DH might actually stay home for a while.
  • lburseylbursey
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    I'm an optometrist and will go back to work PT 6 weeks after baby comes.  Then work up to 4 days per week over 6 months.  Hoping to stay at just 4 days if we can afford it.
  • I'm an outside sales rep for a technology company. I'm planning to take 12w off, but will have to return if we want to keep up the lifestyle we currently live.
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  • I'm a medic in the army. And unfortunately the government says I have to go back to work lol. 
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