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Anyone else?

My baby girl is about to be one month old and things have slowly been getting better and I'm starting to feel more in control each day. 

However, I feel guilty about wanting more "me" time. I feel guilty for even wondering if I will have any again in the future. Does anyone else feel like this? I feel kinda selfish.  

Re: Anyone else?

  • I'm feeling the same....but really wondering if I will get time with hubby again?
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    Yes, that too. 

     Although, our anniversary is coming up so we are going out to dinner and my mom will be watching the baby. I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm nervous at the same time. This will be the first time I am away from baby for more than an hour!  

  • I say a happy momma is a good momma! Getting out and getting "me" time is vital to being sane enough to be a momma, I think!

  • Don't feel guilty!! Babies are hard work
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  • It's completely normal. And it WILL get better. I remember after Tony was born I felt so overwhelmed, and as much as I loved holding him and spending time with him, I treasured my surfing on the net time like you wouldn't believe. I would also like to add that it gets better once they start STTN.
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    I say a happy momma is a good momma! Getting out and getting "me" time is vital to being sane enough to be a momma, I think!

    this!  Think how much better your relationship with your SO is when he's happy and relaxed.  That's what your baby will feel when you're happier after taking time for yourself. You will enjoy each other so much more! 

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  • I have been spoiled, LO is 5 weeks today. At two weeks I had a girls night out to celebrate a friends birthday. At three weeks I had a night out with my mom. Last week DH and I had a date night. Tonight I had a benefit event to go to. Having one night out a week does wonders for my patience and joy for my daughter! It is always hard to leave but I love her even more when I get some time away! If you have multiple offers of babysitters it's not too early to take them up on it.
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  • I feel guilty that I'm really looking forward to DS's first sleepover at grandma's house.. Don't know when it will be, but whenever it is, it will be a an amazing night lol
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  • You definitely shouldn't be feeling selfish about this. DD spent her first weekend with her grandparents at 4 weeks so DH and I could have time to herself. At least once a week someone takes her so We can have time. And multiple times a week DH stays home while I go out to go somewhere. How can she be happy if you aren't happy?
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  • Don't feel guilty. I will be demanding alone time this weekend!
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