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sunscreen questions

does anyone have a sunscreen that they recommend? for babies I mean. I bought the babyganics one but it is so thick and doesn't go on well.

also, I have very fair children. tomorrow we will be going to an outing at 6 oclock. it will be about 90 degrees here. Do I still need to apply sunscreen then?

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Re: sunscreen questions

  • hijoihijoi
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    I like neutragena not sure of the spelling and California baby. And yes, I would apply sunblock. I'm fair too and gave gotten burned just driving to work.

    And sorry for the lack of parenthesis around some words. Stupid mobile bump.
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  • I just got a coppertone spray on kind for babies and then a nutragena (sp?) stick to apply to the face.  

    At 6 I might just spray them a little to be okay and then wear a hat.   

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  • I got the stuff from the honest company and really like it, but it is also thick and goopy. I'd def apply sunscreen because you're in NYCish area, right? I'm in Philly and its going to be 8000 degrees tomorrow.

  • I use the BabyGanics stuff too.  What I've found is to shake and knead the bottle before I squeeze it out, and then rub it in my hands before I apply it to LO.  It's less goopy and cakey.

    And I'd apply just to be safe.

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  • H bought the coppertone kids (not babies).  I will say that I DON'T recommend that!  It is SO sticky. 

    I'm a bit anal about the sun so I'd probably do a light coat of sunscreen with a hat.


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  • We use Aveeno Baby Sunscreen. I like it. Not sure about the second part of your question. I would probably still put sunscreen on them.
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  • We use Aveeno Pure Baby sunscreen and yes I would still apply sunscreen to LO at 6pm.
  • I def need a spray. I have the cream now (forget the brand) and it annoying to put on Rob all the time. He is really fair like me, and will fry really easily, I'm sure (luckily he hasn't gotten burned yet). My mom drilled sun screen into us when we were little.
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    We use neutragena spray for kids then we have a special location for the face.  I usually error on the side of caution when putting it on the kids.  
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  • I use Aveeno Baby Sunscreen. It goes on pretty smooth and it's not too thick.

    Yes, I'd apply sunscreen before the outing. I think it's best to keep those kiddos lubed up whenever they're out in the sun!

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  • I use the Neutrogena your babies sunscreen and really like it so far. I too would use sunscreen at 6. I know I have gotten burnt going to evening baseball games even though the sun was not out long.

    For swimming and pool time, I also bought JA a long sleeve swim shirt that has additional UV protection. I don't want to risk him burning at all! My parents have a pool so we will spend most weekends swimming.
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  • oncoRNoncoRN
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    I really like California Baby! They have the lotion and then the facial stick...I use it too now haha, it's very light and not sticky
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  • I've only tried the baby Coppertone spray and it works good. Its sticky like PP have said though. I'd put sunscreen on them for your outing even if its cloudy. Better to be safe.

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  • Late to the game. But for the future, since you can't get it in stores, I like the honest company. I also didn't like the baby ganics one. As for the time I would still apply some. Even though it is not the time frame they say the sun is the worse.

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  • SmonetSmonet
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    I just received my Honest Co SPF but otherwise I use vanicream on the rec of my derm.

  • zyaszyas
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    We use the honest company one too. I don't find it to be as thick as some others I've used. I use it for both Ava and myself, I really like it!
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