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Fun things to do with a 6/7 month old in the summer...

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So I returned to work early in order to work in a much closer office. With that being said I have 2 weeks remaining of my FMLA time. I plan on taking a week off when hubby goes back August 26-day after Labor Day and the weeks of Chris' bday. I don't want to be cooped up in the house with him during the summer so I was wondering if any of you have ideas for fun activities for 6/7 month old. We have season passes for Knott's Berry Farm/Soak City so we'll definitely be spending a lot of time there. Any thing else? I live in the So Cal area. 

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Re: Fun things to do with a 6/7 month old in the summer...

  • DH still has almost all of his FMLA weeks and is planning to take a week off every month for the rest of the year (lucky!). I have some vacation time that I've lined up with his weeks off and have planned out all kinds of activities!

    July 4th weekend we're going up to my grandmother's house for a big family picnic! DS will be 6 months then... I'm planning on getting him into the water sometime during that trip.

    August: Our annual trip the the Laguna Seca Raceway Rolex Classic Car Races. We had to skip it last year because it was too hot and loud for me while pregnant. It'll be my first time away from DS overnight... he'll be staying with my mom that weekend. He'll be almost 8 months then, but I'm not entirely sure I'll be ready to let him go...

    October: Celebrating DH and my 10 year dating anniversary going to Monterey. I am sooooo excited to take DS to the aquarium and the beach!!! You have no idea! SOOOO excited! He'll be 10 months then.

    I want to take DS to Gilroy Gardens (beautiful 'circus trees', gardens, and some kiddie rides) but I'm planning to wait until he's old enough to ride the silly rides. I think beach, pool, and zoo activities are fun (but not too much) for our LO's current age.

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  • Sounds like you may be relatively close to the coast.  I think I'd buy a good sun/wind/sand shade for LO and head to the beach with a good (meaning bad) book!
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  • Beach for sure. Are you near the wild animal park? I love that place. There are fun games and learning activities you can play at that age. Maybe search on Pinterest. I have found quite a lot.


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  • Wow, I am surprised your company is letting you stagger your FMLA. We aren't able to take the "leftover" 12 weeks through the year unless it's for medical purposes. They let my co-worker the rest of her FMLA of 6 weeks after her preemie came home from the hospital.

    Anyway- beach for sure. Aquarium, museums, gymboree classes. What about mommy and baby yoga classes??

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  • we rented a cabin for a few nights and we'll go boating and swimming.  Also hit up the county fairs.
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