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a sac but no baby at 9 weeks!

im soo depressed and dont know what to feel because there was no baby but i had all the symptoms and told my friends. I was soo excited and in a couple of weeks it would have  been 12 weeks. i have been counting the day of my ultrasound since 6 weeks.  I posted on another blog and was told to post here also. I didn't know that this was common. I had a miscarriage in march and TTC right away. maybe that led to this happening. I dont know. any words of encouragement would be helpful.

Re: a sac but no baby at 9 weeks!

  • I know your feeling down in the dumps. I was that way yesterday. It would've been the day we found out the sex 18wk along...: but I got through the day stayed busy. These milestone will suck. But be strong let your body rest recooperate and llok toward the future of TTC again!! 3rd times a charm right?! : I can't imagine going through this twice u r very stong person stay that way! I'm very sorry for your losses sending hugs thoughts prayers strength and courage your way to find some peace
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    I'm so sorry.  We are going through the same thing - had our first ultrasound last Thursday, at 8.5 weeks, and had a sac but no baby.  I was so shocked, after all the nausea and other symptoms, we thought everything was going fine.  

    The doctors have all reassured me that there is nothing we did wrong, and nothing we could have done to change it.  It was likely just a chromosomal problem, where the baby didn't even form because it couldn't have lived.  So don't think it's anything you did wrong.  I know plenty of people who had success right after a miscarriage, and several who had success after 2.  I'm sorry you are feeling this way.  

    I'm so sorry for your loss. 

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  • you didn't do anything wrong!! TTC after a miscarriage does not cause problems

    it's a 20% chance of things not going right - there are just SO many things that have to come together perfectly for a healthy baby, and that's regardless of what we do


    hopefully you can try again soon

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  • I'm so sorry for both of your losses. This is my 2nd pregnancy and my first mc. My first pregnancy was flawless so it's been hard for me to understand why we had the mc. But I will say that I truly believed my doctor when he said that we did nothing wrong and that he doesn't see any reason we can't go on to have another healthy pregnancy. That is what in holding onto to get me through this.
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  • Just reading your story made me tear up. I went through the same thing. I had a u/s at 7wks, just a sac no baby. I convinced myself that the dates were off and its was just too early to see the baby, after all I had all the symptoms. I waited another 3 weeks and had another u/s. Same outcome, no baby. So I was sent home to miscarry. A week later no miscarriage so I decided to had a d&c. That was a week ago. I told friends and family about the preg and the people at work knew because I was always throwing up.  It?s not an easy thing to go through and just know you?re not alone and it?s nothing you could have prevented.

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