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Quality mama time, anyone?

I feel like we read and talk so much about our babies, that we sometimes forget about ourselves - which is so important for the health of our families. So... has anyone been able to spend quality mama time doing anything fun while on maternity leave and beyond? Develop new hobbies? Rekindle old ones? Get pampered? Have quiet time to relax?

For me, it's been bread baking. About 2 weeks before birth I went to a sourdough bread baking course and have made about 20 loaves since! It's actually pretty easy (longgg, but super spread out and low maintenance process) and the smell of fresh bread, whether olive rosemary/rye/wholegrain/etc... in the house will spring anyone out of a bad day :) DH isn't complaining either!

I have also been back to jogging and yoga for the past 3 weeks and although it started slow, I think I'm turning the corner to enjoying exercise again!

On the flip side I still have an entire stack of books that have not been touched, and with a week left until I go back full time, I suspect that will remain the case... 

Re: Quality mama time, anyone?

  • I haven't gotten around to going back to teaching my yoga classes yet, but I'm starting to get up the courage to leave LO with DH to go back. I haven't gotten the hang of accomplishing anything yet, LO is 8 weeks today. However, on Saturday I'm finally getting my hair done!! I'm thinking something fun and a little out there since I'm not going back to my office job.
  • love this! I went back to Crossfit at 6 weeks post partum, and have gone 4-5 days a week since, sometimes Saturdays (which I love). It's at 5 AM and LO STTN so I've been lucky.... Also, it's my birthday this weekend we're leaving LO for the first time for babysitting to go to dinner.......super exciting
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  • I bought a Cricut and am in love! So I've been scrap booking LOs book! I've also taken up baking and I try to read any chance I get.
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  • Just last night I told my SO that I would like to do something for myself like a mani/pedi so in the next week or so I plan to.  Since having DD, I've learned just how much I do around the house along with everything for baby so ladies, we deserve a little "me time!"
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