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My doctor is inducing me on Sunday and will begin with a dose of cytotec. I have been researching it since my appointment and it seems that it is not approved by the FDA to be used in labor and delivery.

Has anyone on here asked their doctor about this or had an induction with it? What was your experience?


Re: Cytotec

  • Please please please fight your doctor on this! Do not let them use it to induce you, last I checked the label even says not to be used on pregnant women and its def not approved by the FDA for use in inductions.

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  • I don't have any personal experience but have read and heard bad things about Cytotec. I don't believe it's even used at my hospital, but if I were in your shoes I would inquire about Cervidil.
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  • I had it when I was induced with my DD four years ago due to VERY low fluid. It worked fine didn't cross my mind that my doctor would intentionally give me something that would put me and my baby in harm's way...

    Seriously, I highly doubt your doctor would give you something that could harm you, let alone put themselves in a position to be sued. As long as you are being induced for a legit reason, I don't see what's wrong.

    Then again, your body, your choice.
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  • I had it with my son and everything went perfect. 
  • I have no personal experience with cytotec but after a lot of reading and research during this pregnancy I would never let a doctor use this drug on me. I would link some of the articles but I am mobile. Please just do some research!
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  • I was induced with it with DD1.  I didn't think anything of it honestly.  My induction went pretty well.  Had the cytotec placed around 7am with barely any dilation and a little effaced.  I progressed steadily and was ready to push by midnight (may have been earlier, was sleeping and didn't get checked between 9 and midnight).  FWIW, I was induced at 41w5d.
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  • I've never used it (FTM), but after the research I've done, I wouldn't go near it.
  • I agree with PP. If its not approved for use on pregnant women, I don't want it. I've had two friends who have had it used on them, and from what they've said, it brings on the contractions crazy strong, which can sometimes mean its faster than your body is ready for. 
  • I'm a FTM, but I've done a lot of research about induction and the drugs used and I would flat out refuse that drug.  It's not safe, and, if I remember correctly, was NEVER intended for use vaginally to induce labor.  It's not been FDA approved for this use, nor does the drug maker approve using it for induction.  

    I don't normally encourage women to believe they know better than their doctor on anything, but this is different.  It's a seriously dangerous drug that can cause a multitude of complications and even death to mother and baby.  Just because some women have used it and not had a problem just wouldn't be enough to make me take that chance.

    Do some research, print out some materials, and tell your doc that X, Y, Z is why you are refusing the Cytotec and that you need to discuss other options for your induction. 

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  • image GingerBabyTX:
    I've never used it (FTM), but after the research I've done, I wouldn't go near it.

    This.  Just because your doctor says its okay...does not mean its okay!


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  • FTM here but I won't be going anywhere near it after researching it. The FDA not only hasn't approved it for use in pregnancy, they recommend against it, even though they do acknowledge that it is common practice.
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  • I would look into other options. Cytotec freaks me out. If you have already started to dilate, a foley bulb might be a possibility otherwise cervadil. Until then, sex till you are blue!
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    Please please please fight your doctor on this! Do not let them use it to induce you, last I checked the label even says not to be used on pregnant women and its def not approved by the FDA for use in inductions.

    Yes this. From what I've been told its only FDA approved to be used for abortions. DO NOT USE.
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  • I agree that you should think twice about using Cytotec. Doctors like it because it is quick and effective, but do your research... it can also be really dangerous. Even the manufacturers of the drug do not recommend it for labor inductions. It has been known to cause uterine rupture and hemorrhaging. 

     I had to be induced with my son, and requested Cervadil (which is indicated for labor induction and is very safe). My induction was very slow, but ultimately my body kicked into labor and I had an epidural free, vaginal birth. 

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  • I would never agree to the use of Cytotec--it can be extremely dangerous and is not supposed to be used for inductions. There are much safer choices out there! 
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  • I just left the Drs office an hour ago and am scheduled to go in Wed evening of next week to start (3) overnight cytotec "doses".  I'm already freaking out because I went into labor with DS and am NOT looking forward to being induced.  (The Dr's are already on the bossy side and are very C-sec happy/ non vag- delivery friendly, it seems.)  Then I googled this medication (everyone has always talked about cervidil) and am more freaked out.  I've put a call into the office to find out more.  I'll come back and post what they say after I talk to them tomorrow. 

    Unfortunately, I've had so many losses from having genetic mutation complications.  I see a high-rated MFM/ perinatology group that runs the antenatal center at our top-notch hospital in the Washington DC area.  It's definitely not a "partnership" in my wishes for a delivery- it's kind of "do what you're told" type of relationship.  It sucks.  I guess I'm just going to have sex non-stop and pick up a bottle of the primrose oil and try everything I can in the meantime.  And trust them, I kind of have to, they do see patients who are at much more risk than I am and the babies come out healthy, which is the ultimate goal here.

  • Do your own research and make your own decision.

    From my research, I would never let that *** near me.  BUT- I've heard of several moms using it to be induced without problems.  So there must be something to it.  The risks and lack of scientific evidence/ non FDA approval just don't make it worth it for me. 

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