March 2013 Moms

Hump Day DeBump Day!

How's it going this week? Better/worse/the same? How was your long weekend, for any Americans out there? If you're new to the check-in, feel free to leave an intro!

Fitness: Getting into more of a routine? Just starting out?

Food: How's your eating been?

GTKY: What food is your weakness? Like, if it's in the house, you have to eat it. Have to. All of it.


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Re: Hump Day DeBump Day!

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    I'm still steadily losing 2 lbs/week, so 24 lbs to go! I feel like I really can't complain, even though I'd rather it happen faster. I was supposed to do a Memorial Day run that I do every year with my family, but it was storming Monday morning, and I wasn't about to take baby out in the pouring rain (although my family said there were tons of people running with crying kids in strollers in the rain...I feel like I'm a pretty hardcore runner, but I wouldn't be that mean to my kid!). Kinda disappointed, as it would have been my first post-pregnancy race.

    Fitness: I've been running everyday unless I work, which is usually 2 days week, and then I'm on my feet and active all day, anyway, so I feel like it counts.

    Food: DH is still doing most of the cooking/grilling...I feel like I really need to get into a routine with cooking and menu planning again, but he seems to be enjoying himself, so I'm letting him. And he has started running and riding the last couple of months, so he's on a healthy eating kick, which makes me happy.

    GTKY: Cupcakes. I don't know what it is about cake that makes it so much better when it cupcake form, but it is. This GTKY question was brought to you by the 4-pack of cupcakes I bought last night. I've only eaten one, though. I'm pretty proud of myself. :)

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  • It's going the same. I've been stuck here for forever it seems! But no gain so that's a small victory lol but 15 to go to pre preg weight, 30 lbs to goal weight.
    I am only able to workout 2x a week but those days I work out as hard as I can. Eating habits are decent though.

    My weakness is ice cream. And an ice cream parlour just opened at the end of my street. Danger!!
  • I am new to the Hump Day DeBump Day.  I had DS on March 29th.  He is 2 months exactly today!  He weighed 8lbs and was 21 3/4 inches long.  I gained 53lbs while pregnant.  I BF for the first 3 weeks and lost 35lbs without even trying.  The last 18lbs are being pretty stubborn!  Getting pretty frustrated that I can't get any of this baby weight to budge!

    Fitness:  Trying to walk more frequently on the treadmill or go for a walk outside with DS.  Slowing getting into running as my goal is to run a 5K with my Dad and sister this summer.  This week I am adding a workout dvd to the days I don't walk/run.

    Food:  For the most part I had been eating pretty dang healthy!  I still allow myself to have a day or 2 where I splurge a little.

    GTKY:  Any sweets!!  Cookies, chocolate, ice cream, etc..if it is in the house I can not control myself!!

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  • Fitness: Did pretty well last week getting into our gym & on the treadmill. So far this week I have not been once, I hate long weekends when you have to catch up on work Tuesday to make up for the day off!!

    Food: I am still eating very clean & following Paleo. I didn't even cheat on Memorial Day :)

    GTKY: What food is your weakness? Pretty much any kind of junk food, for example I can polish off a roll of Starburst within the hour.....talent.

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  • I'm still doing more of the same as last week as far as lack of exercise. I still can't figure out what I can really do with limited space and dd always wanting held. I didn't really walk because the weather would not cooperate when I could get out with dd.
    As for eating, I'm doing a lot better about mindless snacking at my desk. It must be working because I lost 2.5 lbs this week.
    Weakness food...all the birthday cakes at work we have 5 birthdays in one week and everyone gets their own cakeand that is this week. Also snickers minis that I currently have at home.

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  • This week has been the same as the last, although I have been busier with extended family. It has been super stormy up here, and we aren't used to this kind of weather this early in the season.

    Fitness: Family hikes. This last Sunday we did 10km. It was a paved hike through a conservation park.

    Food: Eating has been awful this week. We've had a few birthdays and I made homemade ice cream for my dad's birthday. Needless to say it was not fat free.

     GTKY: My ultimate food weakness is ice cream. I could literally consume a whole tub if given the opportunity. 

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