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Cloth wipes

We usually use disposable wipes but DD has a tear on her butthole and the pedi said to just use a warm cloth. I'm wondering if it's possible to make cloth wipes out of old receiving blankets. if so how do you do it?
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Re: Cloth wipes

  • I used an old flannel sheet to make my wipes.  I cut them into 8x8 squares and zig zagged the edges so they won't fray.  
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  • image AFwifelife:
    I used an old flannel sheet to make my wipes.  I cut them into 8x8 squares and zig zagged the edges so they won't fray.  

    This, or if you have a serger that would work also.    

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  • You can use baby wash cloths, instead, especially if you plan on continuing using disposable wipes after.
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  • If you want to continue with cloth wipes, there are some really cute ones on etsy!  I keep mine in an open bin on the changing table, so I got some that match the decor of the nursery.  Using cloth wipes is really easy when you're already CDing.  They go in the same bin (rather than having a pail and a trash can) and can be washed and dried with your dipes.
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  • as PPs said- I just took some old flannel and cut it into 8x8 squares and serged up the edges. took me less than an hour to make 24 of them

    plan to make another dozen tonight. 

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  • I bought a few yards of cute flannel and made a zillion of them when I was pregnant. I zigzagged the edges and so far they have held up just fine. When I need more I will just use old blankets. They are soft but clean him up really well. I also made a bunch out of old t-shirts. I just cut them into squares, no sewing required because the jersey doesn't fray. The t-shirt ones don't work so well on poop but are fine for wiping him off if he just pees. 
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