Cluster feeding at 10 days old

My little one has breastfed 13 times from 7pm last night to 7am this morning. And this is after an entire day of breastfeeding every 2 hours. She has not slept all night and neither have I. Any suggestions for helping her sleep better especially during the evening?

Re: Cluster feeding at 10 days old

  • There is a 10 day growth spurt, it sounds like your LO is in it.

    If you haven't tried the 5 S's that helped DS when nothing else would. 

    Also, be sure that she doesn't have her days and nights flip flopped.  During the day keep it light with a decent amount of noise going (not too quiet).  At night, keep it as dark and quiet as possible.

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    LO knows exactly what to do and what she needs and you are being a great momma for following her lead.  As previous poster said, this sounds like a growth spurt, which is not the time for sleep, unfortunately (for you).  She is driving up your milk supply and getting the nourishment she needs.  As my lactation consultant once explained to me, "sleeping better" as you put it, at 10 days might indicate that she is too weak to suck - clearly not the case here!  Keep going. It's brutal. Stay hydrated and eat tons.
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    Ah! I remember the two week growth spurt. i watch the ENTIRE Godfather series that day and night. Your baby is getting what she needs. You are doing great by being there when she needs you!  Get comfy on the couch, grabs some good movies, and try and nap when shes on a break.

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  • Ahhhh!  We went through that at 10 days and just had it again at 3 1/2 weeks. Growth spurt.  Hang in there. Keep doing what you're doing. It will pass. Try to see if you can get some catch up sleep during the day. Good luck!
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