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So i just saw your other post on my helmet/tort comment.. and he had the cord wrapped around his neck as well... Should they have said something? He technically has aquired- but i definitely think its congenital. 


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Re: jo4janet

  • Hi,

    I just saw this post, so sorry it took so long for me to respond. I feel like some of the doctors are not educated on this (between tort and plagio) as much as they should be. IMO I feel like the torticollis was congenital from her positioning in the womb. You should definitely ask your doctor this at your next pedi appt. I think acquired torticollis occurs from trauma mostly. I just read that congenital tort happens to babies 1 in 300 births. It is way more common than ppl think. Also, DD2 was born without complication and she "favors" her left more than right, but still manages to turn her head both ways. We have been very vigilant about putting her on her belly too. Hope this helps!

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