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Open Letter Wednesday

What's on your mind today ladies?
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Re: Open Letter Wednesday

  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    I miss you girl. Thanks for being a special part of our family.

    LOVE your pet momma


    Money tree-

    Start shaking for me.

    signed a thin wallet


    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
  • I need a new job. lol

    I have to start dinner.

    I have a ton of laundry to do today. grrrrr 


  • Dear DH,

    I swear, you are a saint. You are everything I could have asked for in the father of my children and a partner. I know I don't tell you enough, but you are amazing. I'm sure the perfect job will come your way soon. I know you are grateful the company re-hired you after laying you off, but I can understand what a blow it was when they let you go originally.  I know you aren't happy and I thank you for putting a smile on your face and going into work everyday. Don't get discouraged. You will find that perfect job soon. Have faith.

    Love, the wife

    Dear DS1,

    The poopy and peepee talk has got to go. I know you are a boy and you're obsessed with farts and poop and all that gross stuff, and while I think it's hilarious and definitely laughing on the inside, it still isn't the appropriate way to talk. So let's try to tone it down a tad, mmk?

    Love, mama to two boys and I love it!

    Dear really cute wedges I'm rocking today,

    Don't hurt my feet okay? You seem comfortable, so you better stay comfortable for the rest of the day.

    Signed, not a fan of pain for fashion

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  • Dear universe
    We were doing so well. A month into DC and no illness. I should have known you would pick the week DH and I are both swamped and ILs are OOT to have DS get sick.
    Shaking my fist at you

    Dear DS
    I'm sorry you don't feel well. I'm even more sorry I have to drag you to the office instead of cuddling with you at home. Mama just has too many tasks that require looking at files. And since my firm is the last paper only firm around I can't do that from home.
    Here's to hoping wearing you in a wrap will help

    Dear DD

    I know drop off will be hard on you since brother is staying with mama. Please let the allure of gymnastics this afternoon be enough you forget about it.

    Mama who feels pulled a million ways
  • Dear universe,

    Please let this nonsense with grandma and the crazy, criminal uncle end soon. My mother can't take much more and neither can I.

    Tired of this BS

    Dear DH,

    Travel safe. Thanks for helping me help my family before you left. Enjoy the big city!

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  • Netty_3Netty_3
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    Dear DH,

    Thank you for letting me sleep in...I'm sorry I'm such a baby, but I really do appreciate it!



    Dear LO,

    I think your molars are coming in, and I'm so sorry you're going through pain.  I wish I knew what I could do to help you more.  Mommy loves you.

    Dear vacation brain,

    Please let me focus on everything I need to get done...we have 1.5 weeks! Too soon!

    Dear belly,

    Feel free to shrink.


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  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    Dear DD,

    You have around 4 more weeks of being in my belly, so could you please stop making me feel so tired and uncomfortable?


    Your ::yawn:: loving mommy

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  • KisstyKissty
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    Dear DS Teeth,

    WTF!!! Please come in already.  He needs sleep, I need sleep and DH needs sleep.  The whiney and crabby baby you have created is no fun at all.


    Going to pass out from exhaustion

    Dear DH,

    Thank you for being such  wonderful father and husband.  I had my doubts about you, but you have really stepped up.  Good luck and hope you get the interview so hopefully you can get away from the boss who has it out for you.




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  • Dear DH--

     First of all, I love you. You are wonderful. It hurts me to see you so hurt over losing your job. I don't really know what to do to help, but I'm trying. Please get some irons in the fire. We'll be ok for a few months, but we need some income coming in pretty soon. I know you're not happy at home even though it's only been a few days.  I'm on your side. Let me know if I can help in any way. Otherwise, I'll keep making your favorite foods and hugging you a lot.

    Love--Your wife who is stressed beyond belief but doesn't want to burden you

    Dear DH's (former) work--

    It's not right to provide nothing but positive feedback and then drop a bomb on someone like you did my DH. He thought he was going in to a meeting for a glowing review and the bonus that was promised when he was hired. Instead, you let him go?! How's that working for you now that you don't have him 10+ hours a day managing that important project? And thanks for the unemployment you're getting ready to pay, too. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to keep him and provide feedback? It's interesting that the people who worked with him all were shocked and upset.

    Singed--The wife of a great man who you are probably missing about now 



  • Dear bump mobile
    I am getting annoyed that I have to sign in every time I want to post. Can't your just remember me like my computer does?!
    Annoyed at logging in

    Dear Interviewers
    It has been almost two weeks and I haven't heard anything and I am getting impatient. I know your department was slammed last week and you said it would be a week or two until next steps, but how busy you have been is a great reason for why you should hire me. Please let's get this interview process moving so I know either way what's up.
    Signed your hopefully soon to be employee
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