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I can't stay healthy!

When I went to the doctor for my 6wk PP appointment, she diagnosed me with a sinus infection. I fought with that for quite awhile, because the antibiotics upset LOs tummy. 

Then we both got thrush.

Then I had a migraine for 2 weeks.

Then I got some sort of stomach bug and was throwing up.

Now, I have a sore throat/cold that will turn into a sinus infection (terrible sinuses run in my family and it's NEVER just a cold).

Ugh. I try to eat well and all that. I usually have a really great immune system, but something is kicking my butt here....


The good news is that because of this I'm now 10lbs under my pre-preg weight. Only 2 more lbs and I'll be down to where I was when I got pregnant with DS! 

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Re: I can't stay healthy!

  • This sucks! Sorry you're sick all the time. Sounds like you need some alone time... Have you ever tried acupuncture? I use it for just about everything that ails me (even flipped my breech baby at 36 weeks!). 
  • Bummer! Do you take a daily mtivitamin? Might help.

    Hope you feel better soon!!
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  • I hear ya! starting 3 weeks ago, I had strep. A few days later I got a cold which turned into a sinus infection (If I have a cold, a sinus infection is just a couple days away. Never fails) then bronchitis! Then just a few days ago I get mastitis! I'm so sick of being sick it isn't funny...
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