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Heart melting

I'm just sitting here listening to DH reading DD a book and it just melts my heart. It is so cute :)

Does your DH or SO do something special with your LO on a regular basis? I'm thinking of suggesting DH reads to DD every night. 

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Re: Heart melting

  • I love when DH is holding and talking to LO... every time he talks to her, she smiles and talks back to him... I love it :
  • When DH walks through the door after work everyday the look DS gets on his face when he sees him is just the most precious thing. I pretty much just adore anything the two of them do together. I'm like a papparazzo snapping their photo every time they're hanging out Stick out tongue
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  • I LOVE listening to DH and DS talk to each other. They have the best conversations!

    Lately DS has been really into DH's hair. DH will lay his head near enough for DS to grab and play with it. It's soooo heart melting watching the two of them together!!

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  • When DH gets home from work and R sees him, makes both of them smile ear to ear.

    When they have screaming contests as well. Seriously, she will scream and then he does and you can hear here take a deep breath in preparing to whoop on daddy.
  • Whenever we go see his daddy I bro g books for them to read. I love reading but I think they need something like that so I make sure they have some time just the two of them reading and I go take a shower. It melts my heart every time! So sweet.


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    Constantly...I knew he would be a great dad...but he is an awesome dad. He plays guitar for Little J and sings to him, they also have their own weird language...almost like he understands Little J's baby babble! So cute!

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