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Recommmend your washer/dryer

So through research (really only on Best Buys website) I've been seeing LG's seem to have the highest reviews.  I think I'd rather go with a top loader (without an agitator), just because I don't want to deal with any moldy issues or any other problems people seem to have with a front loader.  (however, my friend today really likes her front loader) so if you are someone that does.. please tell me why. 

I really don't like how all the HE washers use less water and it's almost impossible to get one that's not high efficiency.  (a lot of complaints I hear seem to come from people having issues with the lack of water)

I just want to hear some other views.  Do you love your washing machine? 

I feel kind of lost in all of the choices.. :-( 

Re: Recommmend your washer/dryer

  • Typing onehanded, but I love my maytag centennials. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but they get the job done.

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  • Thank you for your comment!  My friend yesterday was trying to talk me into a front loader.. and I really think the top load will be the way to go.

  • image Hollylb3:
    Typing onehanded, but I love my maytag centennials. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but they get the job done.

    I'll have to look into that!  Thanks :-)

  • We have had our LG top loader with no agitator for over a year now, and I still love it.  When we bought ours, we upgraded our washer, and went with the step below on the dryer - the size of load was virtually the same, but had less features.  It saved us some money, which was important, since we had to replace our dish washer at the same time.  

    In our last house, we had front loader washer, and I DETESTED it.  There was always something to clean out of them, and they always seemed to smell like sewage no matter what I did.  I always figured it was just because it was a base model, but I have heard from plenty of people that it was an issue, so I refused to even consider a front loader when the set in our new house went to pieces.

  • I hate front loaders too, especially because you can't soak stained toddler clothes! I have a brand new LG wave force, top load and love it!  It has a lot of features but I only used few of them. Also have the dryer and its ridiculously fast!
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