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GD and low "numbers?"

Hello. This is my 2nd time with GD. Much easier this time. But I just had a quick question. I've had numbers as low as 63 and 68 this time, they were never that low last time. So my question is what's too low?

They've only told me what's too high.
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Re: GD and low "numbers?"

  • My GD counselor says that anything below 60 is too low.

    If I get low blood sugar (low but not below 60), adding a snack (fruit and protein) was advised. 

    If I get below 60, I am supposed to have 15 g. carbs (candy, soda, etc), wait 15 minutes, and take my blood. If it doesn't come up, I am supposed to have another 15 g. carbs and wait another 15 minutes, take my blood and if it doesn't come up, call 9-1-1.  

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    I was told last pregnancy to take a glucose tablet if my number were below 65, then retest 20 minutes later. Since I was on bed rest, this was an easy solution.
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    I stumble over to the high risk board from time to time, because I had GD with both of my pregnancies.  With DS2, my doctors put me on a higher dose of Glyburide than they had prescribed for DS1 because my fasting numbers were higher the second time around.  Unfortunately, I kept waking up in the middle of the night with blood sugars in the 40s and 50s.  At first, my nutritionist tried to tell me this was "normal," but I wasn't buying it -- my mom is a Type I diabetic, and I am well aware of the dangers of hypoglycemia, especially in the middle of the night.  I requested a pow-wow with my MFM, who agreed to let me reduce the dose of glyburide, even though it meant my fasting numbers went high.  She agreed that the middle of the night lows were not acceptable. Blood sugars in the 60s aren't technically considered low, but I used to treat anything below 60 with a small snack (usually 15g carbs + protein).  You also have to judge based on how you feel.  Do you feel shaky and lightheaded when your blood sugar is in the 60s? If so, it wouldn't be a bad idea to eat something small. 
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