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A/S post...yes ANOTHER one lol

My DH, DS and I went in to our scan this afternoon. The very first thing that pops on the screen are his very clear man bits hahaha. I immediately notice them and say "I know what that is". The tech starts laughing and my DH could not be more lost.

Baby was right on schedule and according to the doctor who came in he was perfect. He then proceeded to check on my dermoid and holy crp did that hurt. I mean I had tears in my eyes it hurt so much.

Other than that I'm so happy with my second little boy even then my 3yr old DS was a little disappointed he wasn't getting a baby sister. Now he's very excited for a little brother. Thank you for reading my post today and good luck to all you ladies still waiting for your scans.

Re: A/S post...yes ANOTHER one lol

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